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The Quest: Episode 3 Recap | Save the Queen

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This week, Curt Clark is joined by guest co-host Jessica Liese to recap Episode 3 of the ABC Fantasy / Reality series, “The Quest”, entitled, “Save the Queen”.

With Rob on a quest of his own, Curt Clark and Jessica Liese have been chosen by the Fates as the heroes to breakdown the latest episode of The Quest, “Save the Queen”.

Playing medieval Whodunnit, Curt and Jessica tried to narrow down who attempted to kill The Queen and think it could only be one of the 3 named non-paladins. They were both happy with the new formula for each episode, which now includes a teaser cliffhanger at the end of each episode following the banishment of a player.

Jessica described the somber state of the poisoned Queen and the Paladin’s search for a antidote recipe in a mass of scrolls and papers. The Paladins then set off for the hoarding Hag, who possessed all needed ingredients. A series of doors needed to get through served as the challenge set up by the Hag, who Jessica liked as a nod to Billy Crystal’s character in The Princess Bride. Varying success in the doors led to an anticlimactic challenge for the bottom finishers, as the limited amount of ingredient wasn’t the deciding factor as it was their inability to get through any doors at all.
Curt was wondering what the actual benefit of getting a Mark of (insert D&D statistic). As a result, Andrew won the Mark of Wisdom while Bonne, Jim, and Christian finished in the bottom 3.

Jessica saw Christian as the Quest’s version of Zach, from King of the Nerds.
The challenge was a step up from the past challenges and the integration of the story with the challenge has been a much greater benefit to the show overall.

Andrew got the pleasure of mixing the potion and serving the potion to the Queen, with the Vizier trying to take credit for it but Creo wouldn’t allow that.

The bottom 3 all had their roommates giving them pep talks and the sentiment seemed to be against Christian from being at the bottom for so long. People seemed to be constantly walking on egg shells with the open forum voting.

Curt viewed Bonnie as a potential Bard and Christian as a Rogue based on their actions in the episode. Curt and Jessica felt the Test of Fates was a bit underwhelming again but it got more suspenseful as time went on.
With Bonnie winning the test, the choice came between standing behind Jim or Christian. The roundtable discussion was a confusing point since it doesn’t seem anything said there comes into fruition.

Jim was eliminated in a 6-2 vote and was banished from the game. Fractures in the group dynamic seem to be raring to form.

The cliffhanger of this episode had the paladins first did some small chores around the kingdom at a suspicious late time before the castle gave warning of an enemy attack.

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