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The Quest: Episode 2 Recap | Tournament of the Queen

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The Quest: Recap of Episode 2 of the ABC Series[/caption]

Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark recap Episode 2 of the ABC Fantasy / Reality series, “The Quest”.

This week the 11 remaining paladins competed in another combat skills competition. The bottom three players were Ashley, Jim and Christian. After a horseshoe shodding competition, Jim was safe from the vote of the other paladins. Finally, a majority of the remaining paladins voted to save Christian.

However, things took a wild turn when the paladins were invited to dinner. The paladins were joined by Queen Ralia who toasted the paladins. The Queen was found out to have been poisoned by someone and could be dead. Rob and Curt discuss what this Whodunnit-like twist could mean for the series after 2 episodes.

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