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Casual Survivor: The Mocking Jay Trilogy

Casual Survivor: The Mocking Jay Trilogy

Welcome back to Casual Survivor. I’ve been away for some pretty exciting episodes. We had the demise of Taylor, the betrayal of Chris, and the unlucky draw of Jessica. Yet in all of those Tribal Councils, one thing stood out: the risk-taking, dare I say mocking, demeanor of Jay. The three eliminations form a trilogy of sorts with Jay as a common denominator.

Speaking of trilogies, my all-time favorite trilogy has to be Trilogy of Terror. The last installment features a Zuni warrior figurine that comes to life and attacks Karen Black. It is so bad that it’s great!

The first part of the Survivor trilogy begins with…

The Hunger Games

With a tribe facing First World starvation, which basically involves a drastic cut in calories and little to no refined sugar and coffee– which costs top dollar at fancy spas– Taylor’s decision to bury the dried fruit in mason jars was brought up at Tribal Council proudly by Taylor. Yes, he is that clueless. Not only did Taylor bring up his own name, but also that of Jay. In order to deflect this, Jay shamed Adam who reacted very defensively because he was mortified that a blatant lie would be told.

Jessica’s eyes bugged out and Ken was silently tsk-ing the entire time. Jessica and Ken, the moral compasses for the Gen X tribe pulled a Whitney Duncan minus the “You disgust ME!” Poor Adam tried to defend himself only to find himself up against Kool Thing himself, Jay, who clutched his pearls and said he ate crumbs but Adam helped Taylor hide the food which was worse. [Side Note: Was anyone else disgusted when Taylor asked if he tasted a fig before deciding it was a peach? Shudder.]

Surprisingly, once Jay allowed Taylor to go on a one way trip to Ponderosa and dug up the remaining food, all was forgiven and Adam suffered. The Hunger Games are kill or be killed, and Jay was surviving the only way he knows, with cool, defiant sideways glances and a sneer as if he were Jim Morrison reincarnated. The Lizard King mockingly held onto his idol since Sunday informed him how the vote was going down and Jay calmly voted for Taylor sending him home. 15-Love Jay.


Mocking Jay, Part 1

Gaining confidence from the vote, Jay delighted when two rival gangs, those of Chris and David, decided to square off West Side Story style with a Tribal Council choreographed by Jeff Probst. The vote came down to wherever Zeke and his minions decided to vote, Sharks or Jets. Zeke was able to swing the votes of Hannah and Adam to Team Jets with the Sharks losing Chris.

While Jay was on the losing side, Chris’ plan to flush his idol failed because the choreography made it fail. Jeff asked questions to incite the rivalry of Tony and Bernardo, and during the knife fight dance routine, Chris and David basically blurted out that it Chris vs David and Jay had nothing to worry about. Jay mockingly laughed at Tribal Council in a state that could only be called ennui and let Chris leave while holding onto his idol. 30-Love Jay.


Mocking Jay, Part 2

With Chris gone and Zeke’s flip, most of Vinaka was worried about Zeke’s authority. Little did Zeke know that Hannah really was simpatico with David because she felt Zeke did not respect her, and Adam felt more at home with David’s group. Why? Who knows, but perhaps putting into the universe that “Adam is the worst alliance member ever” came back to haunt Zeke. With Zeke thinking he ruled the roost, Camp David was able to gather five votes: Jessica, Hannah, Ken, David, and Adam. Camp Zeke had five votes: Jay, Will, Sunday, Bret and Zeke.

The New and Improved Sharks led by Zeke took on the Jets but not before trash talking was directed at David. In true Tony form, David boldly played his idol for Ken because Sunday, our pastor, whispered like a devil to Hannah and Adam that they were voting for Ken… or Chino killed Maria…something like that. The votes were on Hannah because she let it be known that she was no longer loyal to Zeke. Knives flew out and before we knew it, we went to rocks. Zeke was safe, Hannah was safe, Ken was safe, and Jay was safe with an immunity necklace. In the Survivor version, Tony lived and Maria picked the black rock, the equivalent of voting oneself out or committing suicide. For those who go to rocks, we salute you.

Once more, Jay lives on to mock the people who tried to send him home holding onto his idol. 40-Love Jay.

With the first two installments of the Mocking Jay Trilogy covering three vote-outs, Jay has nearly won the entire season. Time will tell if he moves to a victory or uses his idol before being voted out, but so far so good. The next installment, our latest episode, will be viewed in a slightly different manner. This was Will’s starring episode yet Jay still comes out on top.


Catching Fire

We are left, once again, with David vs Zeke only this time David is down in numbers with Jessica rocking out of the game. Out of nowhere, Will decides to flip but not before giving some of the best confessionals of the season. Will relays that listening to Ken is as painful as pulling out his fingernails and toenails, but he needs to man up and do it. The poor young man is likely suffering video game withdrawal and short of a meme or a to-the-point clip of Kenisms, Ken’s monologues are excruciating, especially his philosophical musings. Will’s facial expressions of polite suffering are priceless and I could read the thought bubble over his head which stated: “Cool story, bro.”

The (Will.I.Am the) Wahlrus and the Carpetbagger Hannah

The most interesting part of Survivor to me and many others this week was Will’s secret scene explaining his flipping strategy with Hannah. Will and Hannah intend to swing over toward Jay’s side to take out David and then back to take out Jay. It is interesting, but Jay has an idol and splitting the votes will not work because it will be 2-2-3 with the advantage to Jay’s side. If it remains 4-3, Jay will play his idol, but if Will pretends to be with Jay and he and Hannah vote for Jay, then maybe. I don’t think he’ll be able to pull it off. Jay is too savvy.

Ken, the Anatomically Correct Doll Who Talks Too Much

Before Will can rest comfortably, Ken tests Will’s morality. Ken does not talk to you for five minutes before hopping into bed with you. No, he waits at least two hours when his monologue finishes. If you’re still there, you deserve it, yet poor Will had no intention of hopping into bed with Ken; he just wanted to flip to Ken’s side which oddly was interpreted as swinging because Ken lived in a jungle, the mean streets of Hawaii where electricity is shut off if you fail to pay your bill.

The Ken test is to go to Jay, who never picked Ken for reward, and rat Will out because Jay picked him first. Ken was so mad about reward that he was not only so mad he could spit, but he actually had spit on his lower lip. Angry, jilted Ken informed Zeke and company that Will flipped on them. Will, outraged, gave the best confessional in a long time articulating what he dislikes about Ken, mainly that he is not sincere and loyal and the better looking version of Coach. Will wanted respect but received pity and pandering because the other players look at him as a kid.

Tell Me Why! I Don’t Like Sunday

Will’s strategy to vote out Zeke by flipping was upstaged by Adam’s idol play. Will just wants to be heard, valued and respected, but his vote barely counted. While we know his “in your face, Zeke” look that followed the first vote indicated it was his, no one knew there were five votes for Zeke.

The part of Tribal Council that stunned me, however, was not the idol play but Sunday’s lack of connection with Will. She was so condescending in saying that he wanted to play with the “big kids.” Does she counsel teens or have teens? I hope not. It was a well-intended comment, but he is not 12 years old. He is a legal adult, able to drive, drink in some states (but not on Survivor), possess a handgun (but not purchase one), and he serve in the military. Will was never shown asking Sunday to take care of him so the comments made to him were…err…discriminatory. I get why he reacted. Will played his “big boy” cards well kissing up to Jay because he intends to flip back there, and it will make sense to everyone given the context of what Jay said in their conversation at Tribal.

Once again, we leave Tribal with Jay completely in the driver’s seat. Often, a new idol will not be hidden until all idols are used and Jay has his intact. Jay is also able to read the other players very well, and like Katniss, is adorned in flames ready to raze their games. Game to Jay.

Survivor 33

Twenty contestants, thirty-nine days, four crazy vote-outs, three goats a-bleating , two duelling leaders, and a teen with a FTW attitude…This is Casual Survivor…

With this being Will’s big episode yet perhaps Jay’s defining moment as a winner, the casuals were ranting and raving about Ken. Ken was proposed as a possible host instead of Probst earlier in the season, and now with this week’s “test”, fans are turning on him.

Ken has what is known as the Attractiveness Halo Effect. He really never has been a good social player, but because he’s so ridiculously good looking and “sincere”, people create a halo of strategy around him. In the early episodes, Ken was on the outs with Rachel and Cece. He alienated the other guys and Jessica, Lucy, and Sunday immediately. His halo fell off on the island because, as it is becoming obvious, Ken drones on and has a seeming air of superiority. Bret and Chris just want to drink beer, not get deep. Anyone who is not enthralled with Ken is labelled bossy…Paul, Lucy, and Chris. Jessica and Will had to live up to his expectations. If Will rants about you, it’s time for introspection. Meanwhile in the Florida Keys, Paul tipped his glass toward the television as Will fumed.

Look, I like Ken and think he’s interesting, but I’m not trapped on an island with him with Reddit withdrawal like Will.

Archetype: Fickle Is What Fickle Does

I loved Ken but he did two things I didn’t like. He blew up Will’s game and he looked evil when he wasn’t picked for reward. Now he’s evil…

What is up with Ken? He did what Jessica did to him. Jessica was allies with Lucy, so this was worse.

Why is this a bad move for Ken? Did his name come up at Tribal once ever? Figgy and Taylor voted for Ken.

First Ken blows up Will’s game and then he lets everyone else fight to get Will on their side. He’s not my favorite anymore! One bad episode…

And the die hard Ken fans are still alive and well and confused as ever.

I first thought Ken was just another arrogant, pretty face but he wants to win this for his daughter. I would have voted out the BIG MOUTHED BRAT. Apparently, Ken fans can’t count.

Everyone promises confidentiality but they all blab. Will overreacted. Ken did not confide in his own alliance. He handed their plans to the enemy.

This is the first time Ken mentioned his daughter. He praised his brother for being a good example. He’s a model, so I’ll have to google him. What the…? This sums up his casual fanbase. It is almost as coherent as the ravings of a Joey Amazing fan.

Survivor 33

Ken is likely the goat who thinks he’s a player like Sherri. He really is not earning the jury’s respect, especially with Will ranting at Tribal Council. Looking back on this episode in conjunction with the previous two episodes as a trilogy (I really know little about The Hunger Games but the titles fit…), it does become obvious that Jay is sitting back while alliances implode. I truly think Jay will be the ultimate victor, and like Michel Trudeau, I believe that the bat is Jay who sees things upside down relative to the other players. Jay is a loyal alliance member and has no one bitter toward him on the jury so far as he’s voted with all five of them (Jessica went to rocks but could have flipped with his side). The rest have betrayed their allies at some point in time with the exceptions of Bret and Sunday, which is why Jay will target them eventually.

Should David go next, the heat will be on Will and Hannah, and our bat blindly soaring solo more or less, armed with sonar in the form of an idol can swerve away from being voted out and can decide who goes to the end with him.

Who are your picks for the winner?

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