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The Characters and Their Stories- Survivor: Episode 9

The Characters and Their Stories is a blog in which Michel Trudeau uses the edit to determine the themes of the season to try to find its long-term players. Each week, he will explores the overt signs as well as the more nuanced nods.

The Characters and Their Stories-Survivor 33: Episode 9

left-lizard-shadowPreviously on Survivor

At the old Gen X tribe, it was Chris, Bret and Sunday against David, Ken and Jessica but after the merge, the Gen Xers put their differences aside, forming a majority alliance with Hannah, Zeke and Adam.

But Adam and Taylor started sharing secrets and the alliance began to question Adam’s loyalty.

At Tribal Council, the majority decided to trust Adam, voting out Michelle and leaving Will, Jay and Taylor out of the loop.

This episode’s vote wasn’t going to be a big surprise so this recap was more about setting up future events than about reminding us of what we saw in the previous episode.  It used scenes from episode 3 to set the stage for the Gen X civil war that will erupt next week.  We heard David saying that the goal was to get rid of the upper echelon of the Millennials’ alliance but after two tries all they’ve got is a lieutenant and a foolish soldier.  Jay is still throwing punches and that doesn’t augur well for Gen X and David in particular.


Truth and Consequences

Vinaka Night 23

Jay had the first interview of the evening: “I just lost one of my most trustworthy and loyal people and now I guess the big Gen X cesspool over there is gunning for the Millennials and even the Millennial flippers don’t even know because they are so stupid, like Zeke and Adam and Hannah. Like, oh yeah, you three are going to match up to the other six that are coming for you.  Freaking idiots.”

We heard Chris’ reaction: “I was happy to see the votes come down the way they did because that means that I’m gaining some traction and some control in this majority group.  I feel comfortable enough with the solid people in our group but maybe people like Adam, who may be floating in between and maybe lost on where they needed to go. It scares me and I don’t like it.”

Right when Chris mentioned that Adam scared him, we saw David hugging him and even telling him to stick around.  This image leads in two different directions:  Adam could be a vote used against Chris in the upcoming Gen X civil war or David is making a mistake by keeping him around. We heard both Hannah and Zeke say that Adam was the worst teammate ever, so I’m leaning towards the second option.

Taylor then had a confessional:  “Me and Jay have to work our way somehow into the alliance that was solid tonight.  I got to pull Adam aside and see that we are still in good terms as far as legal warfare because Adam could possibly spill the beans that I buried two tins of food.”

Taylor and Adam had a talk away from everyone else.

Adam’s interview: “Going into Tribal Council, Jay and Taylor blew up my spot and then they gunned for me, and when they gunned for me, all bets were off.  Even if I am at the bottom of Gen X, it certainly feels a lot better than being out of the game which is where you tried to put me.”

Taylor (solo): “I feel I hold a bigger secret of Adam’s than he holds of mine.  If you rat me out about my food stash then I’m going to rat you out about your advantage in the game.”

We saw Taylor enjoying the food he hid and the scene was accompanied by the kooky musical theme.

At this point, Taylor had an easy option:  Instead of doing a commercial for pretzels and dried fruits, it would have been much smarter for Taylor to bring back all the food to the group, apologize and then use his leverage against Adam at the right time.  That could have worked better than eating the remaining food first and then telling everyone about Adam.  As is, this scene set up the night’s vote even if it didn’t need much preparation.  At least, it was funny.

The next morning, Jay went for a talk with Hannah.

Jay’s confessional: “Last night I got blindsided, so now in my head, it’s like dude, Jay, you might be next, dude, so try to find your way out of this hole because even though I have the immunity idol in my back pocket, I’m in trouble. I think I could be next.

Hannah explained her decision to Jay, saying she felt like she was going to be a goat if she stayed by his side.  So, instead, she decided to play independently.  Jay said it was cool and that he was proud of her.  In a complete role reversal, it was Jay who asked Hannah to keep him in the loop for the next vote.

Hannah gave us her thoughts: “I’ve taken my game into my own hands and I want to do it well, like I want to do it justice because I’ve loved this show since I was fourteen.  I’m coming out here and I’m actually playing with the intention of trying to win and build a résumé and it’s so much fun.  It’s like I’m finally getting to play, and last night, I realized that I could do it and it is addicting.  It’s like I want to pull off another vote and now I finally get the chance to make some moves.”

The scene ended with Jay giving Hannah a high five.

At the start of this scene, we saw the bat with its wings curled around its body so I think I can finally see a meaning in that imagery.  It told us that Hannah is just now deploying her wings.  We usually see a colony of bats but here we almost always only see one lone bat so it could be representing Hannah who, after being left aside for a long time, has decided to play independently.  The bat was shown resisting through the torrential downpour at the start of the season and we see it in full flight at the start of every introduction segment so this would be a very good omen for Hannah. 

What we know for certain is that she was the only one that managed to change Jay’s opinion of the Millennial flippers. That whole scene was very surprising.   In a spot where we could have expected a confessional from either Zeke or David, we got Hannah instead.  Last week, the crucial merge vote had been mostly credited to David, who suggested Michelle, and Zeke who said he never trusted her yet now it’s presented as Hannah’s big move, the first entry in her résumé.  Her confessional was accompanied by a very tender, emotional melody, underlining both its importance and its endearing qualities.  Did we just see the birth of Bat Girl?


The Reward Challenge

With Chris and Hannah as captains for this challenge where strength was the determining factor, it was evident that Purple had a stronger first player so it wasn’t really about Chris making the better choice like Jeff said.  It was pretty much decided when the captains were randomly drawn.  It turned out into a Gen X versus Millennials contest and we know that the Gen X guys are much stronger.

Chris picked Bret, Ken, Taylor, David and Sunday.

Hannah chose Jay, Will, Adam, Zeke and Jessica.

Jeff’s comments: “Ken takes a big fall but it doesn’t slow him down.”

“David working quickly on those knots…Adam still working on the knots for Orange… He can feel the pressure…. Huge setback for Orange.”

Waiting hopelessly for her team to get through the net, Hannah told Jessica that she would never be a sports captain.

When Jeff mentioned that Orange was still trapped in the net, it was Zeke that was shown like a captured fish.

It was good to hear Hannah say that she was never going to be a sports captain.  It was as if to give her an excuse.  Why would she need an excuse unless it’s to protect her reputation? Why would her reputation need to be protected unless it’s because she makes it to the end?

After his team gave him a huge lead, Taylor won the reward for the purple team while the orange team was still trapped under the net.

Hannah’s interview:  “I was on such a high after pulling off my first blindside vote and I knew I wanted to keep Jay and Will closer to me because I know they feel on the bottom but I picked a horrible team and to make such a glaring mistake, it takes you back a step but if I want to stay in the game, I have to prove that I can handle this.”

We have to note that Adam, Jay or Zeke’s interview could have been placed here but Hannah got the editors’ nod.  Not only did she explain her choices, but she also told us she was determined not to let it affect her.


A Poolside Escapade

Taylor had the first interview, saying that by eating food more regularly than the others, his stomach was prepared so he could eat a lot.  He figured it could help him win the next challenge.

Bret’s confessional was timed with the arrival of the cocktails: “Going into the reward, I told myself: ‘There are going to be drinks, Bret, take it a little easy. Don’t go crazy.’ But come on now!  There is a pool looking out at the ocean; there’s food so at least my belly is going to be filled so I can have more drinks. (He told the waiter to keep the drinks coming until he dropped.)  So I just kind of went all out. I was going to drink as much as I can while I’m out here. This is ridiculous.”

Chris commented:  “When my man Bret started knocking out the drinks, he was all in, man!  He had probably 8 or 9 drinks.  He was letting loose but that’s just Bret.  You know, he’s a big loud guy.”

The only “dumb” thing we saw from Bret was a cannonball in the pool, so nothing bad.  In fact, he mostly made everyone laugh which is a good thing.  We heard Jay say that he was a fun guy and now we finally saw evidence of it. Even if he is a secondary character, Bret has been treated nicely by the editors.  

Sunday: “It’s kind of an odd group that we have going out here.  I mean, for a solid alliance we got:  Chris, Bret, myself but we don’t 100% trust David, Ken or Jessica. We are fractured as Gen Xers because of the experience at the Gen X tribe. So, moving forward, what I want to make is a proactive move because I definitely feel I need to take control of the game.”

We have to note that David, for once, was ignored. Rewards are often used to flesh out the winner’s story, a time to tell us about their plans to the end so maybe the story is starting to turn away from him. Only Sunday was heard talking about strategy, so once more, it was a woman that was the voice of reason when the boys were simply having fun. Sunday was a bit like Michelle after Vanua’s feast, but it didn’t work very well for Michelle and we don’t expect it to work for Sunday either but maybe it could work for our little Bat Girl!  


An Oceanside Escalation

Jay gave us the first interview: “Right now, I’m on a losing streak: Michelle goes home from Tribal Council; I just lost reward.  So, I tried to regroup myself and I thought: The Gen Xers are gone; I’ll talk to Adam, and maybe we can make something happen.”

Adam’s confessional (from the same spot as the one we heard at the beginning of the episode and probably recorded at the same time): “I’m worried that I might be playing too aggressively, that I might be playing too hard but I have to prove my loyalty to my alliance because I have a much stronger bond with Gen X than I certainly have with Will and Jay at this point.”

The only thing Adam told Jay was that he was on the bottom because of Taylor.

It wasn’t only the words that Adam used that were horrible– it was the satisfied smirk he had on his face while talking to Jay.

Jay’s interview: “I talked to Adam and Adam was just a huge jerk.  He’s basically throwing it in my face that I’m on the wrong side of the line and basically saying:  ‘How does it feel to be on the bottom, Jay?’  So, my back is up against the wall; there’s going to be immunity tomorrow.  Hopefully, it’s a challenge that I can win, but if not, I’m in trouble because it looks like they’re gunning my way.”

While we were wrong to think that Taylor would get his revenge on Adam, he will lay the groundwork so now it seems that it will be Jay who will have the pleasure to see the “huge jerk” leave first.

Jay told Will, Hannah and Zeke about Adam rubbing it in his face. When Jay called him an assh*le, Hannah agreed.  Zeke told Jay that he didn’t like working with Adam.  Hannah confirmed that Zeke said that before the last vote.

Zeke’s interview: “Adam can’t be smart like the rest of us trying to bring Will and Jay back into the fold.  (At that moment, we saw Hannah giving Will a nice hug).  Adam has to blow it and make Jay feel crappy.   I’m just like:’ Adam, don’t be an idiot and make people feel like they are on the bottom because that’s when they vote against you.’”

This will be Zeke’s only interview of the evening and it holds good content because it told us that Zeke understood the pitfalls of the game, but where it was only words for Zeke, we saw Hannah putting the idea into action by comforting Will.  Actions speak louder than words.


Vinaka Day 25

It was a beautiful morning and Bret was the one shown admiring it.

I don’t know if it was to show that he didn’t wake up all grumpy and hungover, but we saw that he didn’t suffer any ill effects after that drinking binge.

Sunday in solo:  “I am in a position right now where Jessica and I are at friendly hellos but something is underlying there.  She’s nice. We connect as moms, but I just think that since I voted for her, I feel she will really want to get me out.   One of us is going to get the other first but I could definitely use Jay because right now he’s feeling like he’s at the bottom.  We have a really good relationship from our time at Ikabula so I just need to talk to Jay.”

We have to note that while Sunday and Bret were plotting against her, Jessica was shown sleeping in the hammock.  That is usually a sign that she won’t see it coming.

Jay’s confessional:  “As soon as Sunday says Jessica, I’m like okay, sweet! Anyone’s name but mine, Will or Tays and it’s cool.  I got to stay positive and give good energy because, you know, the universe should be alright to give it back.”


The Immunity Challenge

Contrary to what we had in So Pathetic where the line was so firmly established that only 3 old Savaii felt the need to participate while all of Coach’s “family” opted out of the challenge, we only had two people sitting out: Zeke and Will.  As Jeff said, this game was still up in the air.  Zeke and Will had perceived certainty while the others were fighting for actual certainty.  On a funny note, when Jeff mentioned that they had soft drinks in addition to the beer, we saw Will’s sad expression. 

In confessional, Will explained his decision: “I opted to eat because I knew I was never going to win this challenge against these surfer guys.  They are obviously going to beat me, so I could lose and go back to camp with nothing or I could eat and go back to camp with a full belly.”

Why didn’t we hear from Zeke?  Did they feel that Will’s explanation would fit for both? Did Zeke’s explanation make him sound so arrogant that the editors felt it was preferable not to show it?  Just by opting out of the challenge we feel that he is sure of his safety and Jeff even mentioned it, so anything would have been preferable to this silence.

Hannah was the first to drop out.  All the others made it to stage two where Bret dropped his ball.  As he walked over to the bench, he asked why he didn’t opt out of the challenge just when Zeke was shown savoring his cold brew.

Maybe Bret’s comment was used to show that Zeke was smart to opt out after all.

At the start of round three, Jessica, Sunday, David and Chris quickly dropped out.  Adam and Jay were next, leaving the surfer dude against Ken.

With Taylor calmly whistling and Jay’s legs beginning to shake, Taylor was certain that Ken would fall but he didn’t.  Ken won immunity.  He showed good sportsmanship by hugging Taylor.

Jay: “Leaving the challenge, all I’m thinking it’s either going to be me or Tayls tonight, but Sunday said it could be Jessica, so my life is basically in Sunday’s hands right now.”

We didn’t hear Zeke’s reasoning for sitting out but we had many images of him enjoying the food. In the old days, being shown sitting out of a challenge was very damaging and the editors wouldn’t dwell on the future winner if he had decided to eat.  JT, for example, wasn’t highlighted when he sat out with Coach and Stephen, but Aras was presented as a real trooper for going up against Terry even if Casaya was in total control and everyone else in the alliance decided to pig out. However, there have been so many winners that have decided to sit out of challenges that the presentation has changed. After all, Zeke isn’t a surfer dude and maybe the message behind showing him with the beer glass was to show that he was smarter than someone like Bret who immediately regretted his decision.


Vinaka – Decision Time

We heard what sounded like cannons going off and a very somber musical theme.

Everyone congratulated Ken.

David’s Interview: “The immunity challenge came down to a battle between Ken and Taylor, but in the end, Ken pulled out a win.  Now, we have a choice between whether to vote out Jay or Taylor.  Will is safe because he is seen as less of a threat but an idol could come into play tonight, and then whoever Taylor and Jay want to go home, goes home.  So it’s the safest bet to split the vote.”

When David is heard talking about strategy in the voiceover portion of his confessional, we saw him sitting in camp behind a cloud of smoke from the camp fire. The traditional Fog of War image implies that David will be making the wrong choice. In the upcoming Gen X civil war, Jay will be a vote for Sunday’s side which is Chris’ side, something that David could very well regret. Taylor would have naturally gone with Jessica on David’s side. If the Fog of War image wasn’t enough, we immediately saw Jay violently chopping a coconut with the machete, another sign that keeping him over Taylor is very dangerous for David’s life.

We heard the group talking about the split vote option and then David’s confessional continued: “In this particular instance we feel it’s the safest option to split the votes between Jay and Taylor. Jay is the biggest schemer, the biggest plotter but Taylor is the less trustworthy of the two.  Because we are splitting the votes, I feel very confident that one of them is going to go home.”

After the group discussion, Sunday had a one-on-one with Bret.  She didn’t like it– didn’t want to write Jay’s name.

Sunday had a confessional:  “If it were up to me, I would 100% like to see Jessica go home, but because of the way the numbers are, I don’t think there’s any way that I would be making the move.  It’s a bummer because I wanted to use Jay to make a move against Jessica.”

Right when Sunday said she wanted to make a move against her, we saw Jessica stumbling out of the ocean and we heard her expression of pain. While David’s interview had great content, putting it right before Sunday’s analysis of the situation presented him as someone who wasn’t looking a few moves down the line. David was equally happy with either Jay or Taylor going, but if he was really aware of the situation, he’d be thinking of the threat that Sunday, Chris and Bret represent. 

Sunday told Jay that she couldn’t do anything to switch the vote.

Jay’s interview was shown while we saw the two guys sneaking away to the food “bunker” to share the fruits of Taylor’s great idea: “This sucks. Everything we’ve planned is out the window and I hate being on the freaking bottom, man.  Tonight it’s either me or Tayls but I’m still in the ring, still throwing punches. I’m not going to give up. My closest friend out here was Tayls, but I’m not going to tell Taylor that I have an idol.  I got three options with my immunity idol. Plan A: Put it on my neck and be like: Forget your plan; I’m not going anywhere.  Option B:  Put it on Tayls’ neck but if they’re splitting the votes that could just backfire, and the next thing you know, I’m going home.  Or Option C:  Be quiet about it, hope for the best, and save it for a rainy day.”

It took nerves of steel for Jay to keep it for another day. Normally this would tell everyone that he didn’t have an idol, but we know that secret won’t be kept long.

Taylor told Jay about Adam’s advantage. The two agreed to ruin Adam’s game.

Taylor had the last confessional of the evening:  “If I state that Adam has an advantage in this game, that is going to put a massive target on his back. In my mind, I’m still holding a lot of animosity towards Adam. I am an avenger of Figgy at this point.  If you steal the loved one visit, those people hate you and I think that’s more leverage against him than he has against me. People already know that I steal food, so who cares. Figgy told me to fight as hard as I could to get to the end of this, so that’s what I’m trying to do.”

It was a bit of a break from the tired old formula of giving the last confessional to the person with the deciding vote and it makes me think that the massive target on Adam’s back won’t be forgotten.


Tribal Council

Jay told Jeff that, as a fan, he enjoyed watching them blindside someone, but he was on the wrong side.

Adam welcomed him to the club.

Jay rolled his eyes at that: “Obviously, it’s the game.”  He added that he would love to write Adam’s name again even if he knew his clock was ticking.

Chris said that he had been on the wrong side of the line and that you have to play the game and get back in because there are cracks.

Taylor liked hearing that, so he used the opportunity to throw Adam under the bus by saying Adam helped him hide two huge jars full of food.

Adam tried denying it while Hannah started hyperventilating again and Michelle laughed.

An argument erupted between Adam and Taylor.

Taylor said that he and Jay finished the food but that Adam had an advantage in the game.

Adam had to tell everyone about his advantage. “If the advantage that I got is so terrible, then vote me out”

David was stunned by Adam’s “bomb”. He said that these admissions were like nails in the coffin.

Jessica said that Taylor’s admission wasn’t enough, that it wasn’t the way she was raised.

Even Jay said he was pissed at both Adam and Taylor and that he wasn’t a dumb surfer.  He said he would have told Taylor it wasn’t morally right if he had been in Adam’s place.

Adam said eating the food was worse than staying quiet about it.

Hannah said that the game was more complicated and that it was about future votes and who you can trust.

Bret wanted to know who was the most culpable.

It was time to vote.

Neither Adam nor Jay played their immunity idol.

Taylor voted for Adam.

Bret, Hannah, Will and Jessica voted for Jay.

David, Ken, Chris, Sunday, Jay, Zeke and Adam voted for Taylor.

Jay seemed to smile at Sunday when Taylor presented his torch to Jeff’s snuffer.

Jeff: “Almost every single vote at Tribal Council is about strategy, but every so often it’s just about consequences.”

Survivor 33

The Story

The recap, the preview, and Sunday’s restlessness all combined to show that these last two episodes were only a prologue to the story of the merger, the undercard before the main event.  The Gen X tribe is divided between two factions of three players who barely talk to each other, but only one side is heard worrying about the other. Sunday told Bret and he talked to Chris about her plan to vote out Jessica but David, Ken and Jessica seem only focused on voting out the Millennials. With Hannah, Jay and Will likely to side with Sunday and Bret because of their days in Ikabula then they would appear to have the upper hand.  That would explain why Jessica and Ken have been disconnected from the story lately.  Zeke has a solid connection with a member from each faction and to most of the Millennials so he could certainly influence the results. The next act could be all about Zeke’s decision.

In a season where we heard that the truth works well, we saw in this episode that not all truths are good to say.  Sometimes there are consequences and Taylor should have known that committing a crime was worse than planning one.  He was smart to say that Adam helped him with his theft but he should have staged a frame-up:  After he and Jay finished most of the food, Taylor should have asked Adam to join him to “talk” while Jay could have asked policeman Bret to accompany him for a “walk” on the beach.  Now that would have put Adam in a lot more trouble.

Survivor 33

The Characters

The Target

Adam:  This episode was an old-fashioned roast except the person being roasted only found out he was the subject of everyone’s darts in the last few minutes of the evening and he certainly wasn’t laughing.  The “worst teammate” ever acted like a “huge jerk” to the players who were on the bottom because he thought he was safely on the right side of the divide but he quickly found himself under the proverbial Tribal Council bus.  How long can he stay in the game?  His idol should keep him safe for one cycle but he seems determined to keep it as long as possible and that could precipitate his downfall.

The Players Still Enjoying the Ride

Will:  It was very surprising to see Will writing down Jay’s name. We were under the impression that Will was much closer to Jay than Taylor, but maybe he’s branching out on his own.  It could be the reason why he’ll be the snitch who tells everyone about Jay’s idol.  The high school student must have done the math:  His calculations would have proven that Taylor would remain on top of everyone’s list at the next Tribal Council while Jay could wiggle his way to safety leaving Will in a tough spot.

Jessica: Not only has she fallen off of our screens, but she was also shown napping when Sunday first mentioned wanting to vote her out and then she was stumbling out of the ocean in pain when the threat came into focus.  Getting blindsided by her old friend would be very painful.

Ken:  Besides the immunity win and some looks of astonishment at the stupidity on display during Tribal Council, this was another quiet episode for Ken.   He used to give us some intelligent commentaries but now he looks like a player in a dead-end instead of someone on a road to victory.  Looking back, the only player I remember who had a good pre-merge but completely disappeared afterward was Alexis in Micronesia and that was most likely due to her disqualification. I’m not sure what’s in store for Ken, but it doesn’t look good.

Bret:  This was another surprising vote against Jay.  Bret probably knew how the numbers were about to unfold so he voted as he was told, knowing Jay was safe.  I say this because we’ve had no indications that he’s planning to go against Sunday’s wishes.  We are starting to see the policeman’s funny side so that tells us he wouldn’t be the first target, but nice guys eventually become threats.

The Schemers

Chris:  No one is targeting him right now and he is cautiously gaining more control in the game so he could be in for the long run, but he still looks like someone who will fall victim to an idol.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see Zeke decide to go with with his Sooner idol instead of David and his idol but if Chris’ side comes out on top of the civil war then there’s Jay’s idol that could end his pathway to glory. With Sunday answering for him, Chris will probably use Jay’s vote to eliminate Ken and Jessica but then they’d eventually want to turn on him.  Beware of the idol, Chris. Beware.

Jay:  Zeke expressed fear that his charm would help him create a dangerous bro alliance but his charm works well on the ladies too. We first saw Hannah and then Sunday come to him and say they want to use him to make their moves.  David knew that he was more dangerous, but he let him live another day.  Now that the immediate target is on Adam and that the two Gen X factions will see the dwindling number of Millennials as a sign to break the cease-fire, Jay probably has three or four cycles of safety, but then he’ll get back on someone’s radar. He’d certainly make a nice trophy on Hannah’s wall.

David:  Ever since the swap signaled the start of Millennial hunting season, David has been a top strategist.  However, now he appeared lost in the Fogs of War when he couldn’t see the huge difference between Jay’s determination and Taylor’s carefree attitude.  It was particularly troubling not to hear from him during the reward.  All the people that he would need to use and then eliminate were right there with him so the opportunity to talk strategy, either with a few of them or in confessional, was ideal yet he was simply enjoying himself on the periphery of the festivities.

Sunday: Her sudden emergence as someone planning a big move was really unexpected. It either signals the beginning of a short story arc that leads to a jury seat or of a successful run that sees Jessica voted out of the game.  Jessica was a much more prominent player early on so we would have expected to see Sunday fail but Jessica’s disappearance in the last episodes changes the cards. It seems that Sunday will have short-term success but won’t make it to the end unless we have another incomplete story on our hand.

Zeke: His showing in the merger episode was so impressive that we could dismiss some of the shortcomings of his earlier story– the food binging scene and its gross conclusion, in particular– but this episode gave us more questions.  Granted, he had a solid intervention when Jay told the group that Adam was acting like a jerk. We saw that Zeke’s head was in the game, but will it be enough?  With Adam going off the deep end, Zeke knows he can’t count on his original ally. He still has David and Chris but they are going to reach a point of no return soon. Will Zeke be able to navigate through the perils of the civil war?  Seeing him trapped in the net like a dead fish wasn’t the best image and even if we can find excuses for showing him chugging beer after beer while the others were fighting for immunity, it still doesn’t help his case. It was impossible to hide his decision to sit but it wasn’t necessary to see him indulging so much.  He’s still a strong contender and I’ll be curious to see how he handles the civil war.

Hannah: The star of the episode, she had some ups and downs much like she’s experienced throughout the season.  The girl who seems to be associated with the bat suddenly spread her wings when she voted out Michelle and she is now planning more moves.  As someone who isn’t perceived as a threat, Hannah should remain safe during the upcoming war and then some could mistake her for an easy opponent to beat in the end. However, she is already thinking of her résumé and she certainly would have a good case to present to the jury.  And we know that even if they don’t want to listen, she’ll find a way to get her message across!

Could Hannah be the season’s Sole Survivor?  Looking back at her story, she was the one that talked about the horrible conditions on day 1 and she was the first to mention the need for the Misfits to join together against the “Cool Kids” so Hannah was this season’s Aubry at the start. That meant we had to be careful to avoid falling in that trap again.  She wasn’t a star of episode 1, but she certainly had a strong supporting role and we followed her story ever since. Even if she was trapped by Michelle in the second episode, her presence on camera was excellent. We connected with her more than with all these gamers and her amusing scene at the start of the third episode strengthened that connection.  Then she faded away for a while but we still saw her medical emergency and her reactions to Michaela’s elimination, keeping her in our sights.

The men have been in charge for most of the season and the women have suffered numerous losses but now the targets are changing.  We’ve seen with Mari, Paul, Lucy, Figgy, Michaela and even Michelle who was in charge early on, that having control of the game isn’t the best course of action this season, so why not our little Bat Girl?

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