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The Challenge: Free Agents Episode 10 Recap

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Brian Cohen (@busdriversroute) and Ali Lasher (@lashtweets) are back at it to recap the latest episode of MTV’s The Challenge.

On the latest edition of The Challenge: Free Agents RHAP-up Brian (@busdriversroute) and Ali (@lashtweets) discuss the events of the 10th episode of the season. This was the week of the major shift from partying to strategizing as the politics in the house became the lead story.

Brian and Ali discuss all the major stories from this episode including:

  • Cara Maria’s decision to stay in the game after hearing back from the mysterious Challenge doctor
  • Their thoughts on the still confusing fight between Laurel and Cara Maria including whose side they are on
  • The comparisons between this week’s challenge to a Survivor challenge and a miniature version of a final
  • Why Bananas targeted CT instead of Zach to send into elimination
  • Whether it was fair for Cara to be a target of elimination this week
  • Whom  Nany should have voted into elimination
  • Whether Nany should have stood her ground in the deadlock vote with Bananas and whether Bananas would have changed his vote if she had.
  • If Cara overreacted to Theresa after being voted in

Plus, they took plenty of questions from our great listeners including who, if anyone, is getting a winner’s edit; whether the Free Agents format is the best in the series’ history; what some of the funniest moments from this season were; the thought process behind bringing goats to the end; and many more!

They even discussed the Super Fan special aftershow. They really did discuss it all.

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