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The Challenge: Free Agents (2014) – Talking With The Winner, Johnny Bananas

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In the latest edition of The Challenge: Free Agents RHAP-up podcast, Brian (@busdriversroute) is flying solo as he speaks to the winner of the season Johnny Bananas.

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With one of the best seasons of The Challenge coming to a close, Brian had the chance to speak with the now 5 time Challenge champion. In his most impressive performance to date, Bananas was able to get through this season with no alliance and seeing multiple elimination rounds before the grueling final. They had a chance to break it all down. In this interview with Johnny Bananas you will hear the answers to these questions:

  • Where does this win rank amongst all the others?
  • What adjustments did he make to his game with this new format?
  • What were his feelings on the draw as a twist to the game?
  • If he felt those who finished last should’ve been up for elimination rather than being in the draw
  • How much  his second place finish in Rivals 2 motivated him going into this season
  • If he felt mixing up the teams in the final fit with the theme of this season
  • Whether he was surprised to see Johnny pushing him for the title instead of Zach
  • How this final compares to others in the past
  • Why he targeted CT over Zach in the final deliberation
  • How close are he and Theresa in these shows?
  • What he thinks Jordan’s motivations are behind targeting Bananas
  • How much more he has in the tank moving forward

We even discussed his newest venture at and much more from this season. Be sure to check out the two part finale and reunion RHAP-up Brian and Ali (@lashtweets) recorded earlier this week. Also stay up to date with every podcast by subscribing to The Challenge only feed of Reality TV RHAP-ups at

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