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The Challenge: Free Agents 2014 Season Review and Reunion

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On the latest edition of The Challenge: Free Agents RHAP-up Brian (@busdriversroute) and Ali (@lashtweets) discuss the events of the reunion, the memorable moments of the season, and take all your questions for the entire season.

After one of the best seasons in a while, this reunion, despite the lackluster performance by Johnny Moseley, helped piece it all together. Between discussing the true value of winning the game, all the major fights and hookups of the season as well as some of the unseen footage, this reunion really did cover it all. And so did Brian and Ali.

They discussed everything that happened including:

  • Whether they like Johnny Moseley as the host
  • What in the world that contraption of a set was all about
  • The honesty of Bananas and Laurel about what they will do with the money
  • The idea of bringing up and talking about production more and more throughout the show
  • The rationale behind the Jordan/Bananas feud and where they stood on it
  • Whether they thought Cohutta walking across the set was more dangerous than the final itself
  • Who they are more surprised to see still together, Laurel/Jordan or Nany/Cohutta
  • Which of the unseen footage was their favorite
  • Whom they would’ve liked to have seen at the reunion
  • Who would’ve been selected for a hearts, brains, and boobs season of The Challenge
  • If “the draw” will only be part of a Free Agents season
  • Who from this season would make strong Rivals/Exes pairings

Plus they discussed their most memorable moments of the season including whom they would most want to see come back and whom they do not need to see again. They even took a bunch of your questions about everything this season encompassed and what is ahead.

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