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The Challenge: Free Agents 2014 Episode 12 Recap

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Brian Cohen (@busdriversroute) and Ali Lasher (@lashtweets) are back at it to  recap the latest episode of MTV’s The Challenge.

On the latest edition of The Challenge: Free Agents RHAP-up Brian (@busdriversroute) and Ali (@lashtweets) discuss the events of the epic final challenge in the finale episode of the season.

We saw six people be put through absolute hell but in the end it was worth it for Bananas and Laurel as they took home the big prize. In this RHAP-up Brian and Ali discuss everything that happened in this final challenge including:

  • If they are satisfied with the winners of the season
  • What qualifications are needed to be in each area of The Challenge safety team
  • How much Zach had Devyn to blame for his poor performance
  • The kinder and more motivating side of Johnny Bananas
  • What improvements they would make on this final, especially the 10k run
  • If they knew all of the cities in the puzzle
  • If they were sympathizing for Laurel or Zach during Zach’s meltdown during stage 3
  • If they thought everyone would revolt against production during the marathon run in stage 4
  • How everyone reacted so calmly to be woken up at 5:30 by TJ
  • If the volcano climb was the single most difficult task in any final
  • If they thought the suspense was taken away by simply having the winner be the fastest combined time
  • Who they were most impressed by in the final
  • What MTV could do next time to keep topping themselves in the final

They discussed all that and a whole lot more.

This was just Part 1 of the final coverage with Part 2 coming early next week as Brian and Ali will discuss the reunion, answer your questions, and discuss all the memorable moments from the season.

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