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The Challenge: Free Agents– Interview with the Latest Female Eliminated – 6/18/14

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In the latest edition of The Challenge: Free Agents RHAP-up podcast, Brian (@busdriversroute) is flying solo as he speaks to the latest person sent home Theresa Gonzalez.

In the latest edition of The Challenge Free Agents RHAP-up podcast, Brian (@busdriversroute) spoke to the girl who finished fourth, Theresa.

After breaking into The Challenge back in Fresh Meat 2 Theresa has had a combination of bad luck and bad performances doom her in the past. This time around on Free Agents being left all to her own she put together the best performance of her career making it to the final four falling one spot short of the final.

It was an up and down season for Theresa with her strategic game sometimes called into question but her physical game being the best it has ever been. Between her feuds with Devyn and Laurel and claiming her first elimination round win in her career it was quite the roller coaster ride for her.

In the interview with Theresa you will get the answers to many of the burning questions this season. Here is just some of what they discussed:

  • If they all thought there would be a final elimination round or if they were headed straight for the final when arriving in Chile
  • What her reaction was upon finding out the elimination was a puzzle
  • If being sent home by her nemesis Laurel was worse than seeing someone like Devyn skate through to the final
  • If she was politicking to Nany to stay out of elimination
  • What her relationship with Bananas was like that he wanted to keep her over Cara Maria
  • Where did her feud with Laurel stem from after their broke in together in Fresh Meat 2
  • What her relationship with Leroy was like about their hook up in Rivals 2
  • If she can call this a successful season despite falling just short of the final

They discussed all that and a whole lot more. So sit back and enjoy.

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The Challenge Free Agents: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Eliminated The Challenge: Free Agents Exit Interview with the Latest Player Eliminated[/caption]

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