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The Big Brother 15 Alternate Universe

In the movie Back to the Future part two if you remember, Marty McFly goes into the future and, while he is there to save his troubled douche future son, he buys a sports almanac that list the final score of every sporting event for the past one hundred years (Btw in the movie the almanac is the size of a hotel brochure whereas in real life something like that would be the size of a 14th century bible). Big bully Biff Tannen steals this almanac unbeknownst  to Marty and Doc Brown and when they return back to 1985 they find that Hill Valley has been altered in a major way. This alternate universe is now the Big Brother house. Everything looks the same but everything is different. With the dependably predictable Wizard MVP power of Elissa’s gone, there is uneasiness in the house. A majority of the house is deeply paranoid.  Judd has played his HOH like a CIA operative, not revealing his true intentions yet. The rest of the house is one big alliance Venn diagram. There seems to be so many different alliances that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all.

Let’s all get into our sweet Deloreans and check in on the action:

e10-judd2 An improved HOH.[/caption]
    • Judd has done a good job as HOH so far, much better than Helen in my humble opinion. For one, he is not crying every 2 minutes like Helen who acted like the second lead in a Lifetime channel movie where the women characters cry more than a group of 7 year olds who just watched Old Yeller. It’s still early in the week, but Judd has not been playing the intimidation card that the past two HOH’s played. He’s playing this very measured, even nominating Aaryn and Kaitlin does not tell a whole lot. His true motivation may yet to be revealed depending on what America decides to do with the MVP.
    • Like Tom Hanks said once “There’s no crying in Big Brother!” Helen, who was one of my favorites is now a marked woman. Without the dependability of Elissa having MVP,  Helen’s defense shields are down. It’s fascinating to watch the shifts in the game from the perspective of the previous HOH, literally going from having all the power to having none and being thrown back into the general population of the house. When Helen won HOH she was on top of her alliance, when her HOH ended she descended towards the bottom of her alliance. I guess the lesson always is Power corrupts. If a big move is made by someone soon Helen could be the surprise sacrificed houseguest.
    • Amanda/Mccrae-The “Flying Mcmanda’s” are together till death do them apart, but each of them are viewed completely different as threats or targets. Amanda continues to have the social graces of a Kimmie Gibler. I don’t see a scenario in which she can win this game unless she and Mccrae somehow alternate winning HOH every week moving forward. Amanda isn’t a bad person like Aaryn, her problem is that she wants to control all aspects of the game. Amanda has been pushing for Howard to be the target for the past two weeks and it’s starting to fall on deaf ears. Watching Amanda is like  watching a horror movie, where you know a certain character is going to be killed, you just don’t know when or how, but you know it’s coming, and you know it’s going to be gruesome. Mccrae is tough to watch. Technically he is in a good place. He’s good in physical competitions; he is well liked by the other houseguest and doesn’t appear to be a major target right now. However, watching him get dragged around the house by Amanda like a neutered dog is painful.  I don’t even know what his strategy is or who his targets would be if Amanda wasn’t in the house. He’s like Daniel Sterns character in City Slickers, so tightly controlled that I half expect him to act out and have an affair with Jessie, at which point  in a few weeks leads to her  crashing an Amanda/Mccrae  HOH party with a positive pregnancy test as Amanda storms out of the house as the other house guest look on horrified. Yes that’s a little dramatic, but the point is that his game has been secondary to his relationship with Amanda, not exactly what you want when playing a reality TV game show. With all that being said, he is currently in a good spot in the game. If I was in Mccrae’s position, I would continue to play the meekness up for a couple more weeks then start showing a little more fire. His targets ultimately should be the Helens/Andys/Elissa’s of the house, as Spencer and Howard might always stay true to their original Moving Company brother. Mccrae’s power move that could win him the game would be to wait in the grass and when the time is right strike the scheming brainiacs of the house.

Aaryn has emerged as the target.

  • Aaryn has actually emerged as the target most likely going home this week. You would think taking Aaryn to the finals for somebody would be an easy win, but I guess you can’t under estimate how being so unlikable can affect other peoples decisions. Aaryn needs to hope that Judd has another plan up his sleeve or else it could be lights out on America’s favorite bigot.
  • Kaitlin is nominated but she is in a better place than her old partner in crime Aaryn. Kaitlin seems more palatable to the rest of the house. This is severing her well as in Big Brother when your partners get decimated like hers have the past three weeks you get a new identity and get recycled back into the game. Kaitlin is now in the “makeover” phase of her game. Kaitlin actually has options now, she can choose who she wants to roll with moving forward, obviously as long as she survives her nomination.  
  •  Candice/Howard. Stepping into the season of showmances is now the full-fledged “Howdice” shomance! Howard has turned out to be a pretty polarizing person in the house. Half the house wants him gone ASAP and the other half seem willing to work with him. Howard has been awful playing the sneaky, cunning, anti-social aspects of the Big Brother social game. Last week he got put on blast and he is still trying to recover. Clearly Howard is a good guy outside the game, but playing the game he has made some suspect moves that are going to make him a target over the next couple of weeks. If anybody needs to win the next HOH its Howard. Howard is in a life and death battle with Amanda. One of them has to go soon, the one left standing will be in a good place moving forward.  Candice continues to be a square peg trying to get into a round hole. It’s tough to put your finger on a specific move that  put her on the bottom of the food chain, but clearly her game play is not respected by anybody in the house. Aligning with Howard has helped Howard more than it has helped her. I foresee Candice being one of our first members of the Jury.
  • Spencer’s whole game has been destroyed by the “MVP” of this season as half the members of his crew have been back-doored the last two weeks. Now he finds his game in the “Makeover phase” as well. He’s like The Fugitive and he needs to shave his Dr Richard Kimble beard and go on the run. Spencer is trying to hide from his Moving Company past. Like the Back to the Futureanalogy he needs to find a way to alter the direction of this current Big Brother universe or he is going to spend the remaining few days of his Big Brother life stuck at the Biff Tannen Museum .  To his credit, he has been playing less aggressive and you can see some skill in his social game. If I was in Spencer’s position, it would be tough to know how to play this week when Judd is playing things so close to the vest. He needs to lay low and hope that the “Aaryn express” continues to draw attention away from him and Howard.


Andy is the snake.

  • Andy is the snake of this season (Not meant in a negative). At this point we don’t know if he is a Cobra or a Garter snake. He has slithered his way back and forth throughout the house. His allegiance seemed with Helen, but it has been reported that he is making deals behind Helen’s back as well. He’s not on the radar of anybody which is good. But being the “snake” is like being the “spy” in Stratego, where you’re good until you’re figured out and then you’re dead on the spot. Mentioned a couple weeks ago I think his best Big Brother destiny would involve working with Judd, as both have the most goodwill built up in the house at this time.
  • Elissa-The most hated person in week one has moved into a safer role. Like Superman when he wanted to be a mortal man he went to his home planet of Krypton and had his powers taking away. Elissa does not have her MVP powers but unlike Superman this has put her in a better position in the game  as she is not viewed as a major threat this week.
  • Jessie-Wake up! Maybe she has Mono or something. Somehow she fell backwards into Judd…god bless her.
  • Ginamaria-Just don’t make eye contact with her …maybe she won’t notice you. If she spots you, stand very still…no sudden movements…Play like a statue and hope she sniffs you and moves on. If that fails then just shout the name “Nick” and that should get her to forget about you and should send her into such a frenzy that hopefully she just passes out.

You can cut the tension with a knife right now. Even though the nominees are made, unlike the past 3 weeks the real target has possibly not emerged yet. A lot can happen between now and Thursday.(As the quick, sharp theme music from the ending of Lost plays)

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