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The Bachelorette 2015: Season 11 Episode 3 RHAP-up Podcast

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Amy and Haley cover all the action on the latest episode of the Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe, including:
  • The cliffhanger resolution with Kupah, as Kaitlyn asks him to leave the mansion
  • The rose ceremony to start off the episode, in which fashion designer Daniel and Cory without an E were eliminated
  • Why Kaitlyn kept Tony around (Producer pick, anyone?)
  • The sumo-wrestling date and Tony’s decision to not participate because he is all about peace and love and having a gypsy soul and heart of a warrior
  • Clint ignoring Kaitlyn on the group date
  • Ben Z’s scary one-on-one date with Katilyn with snakes in a toilet, among other horrors
  • Ben Z revealing he hasn’t cried in eleven years
  • Ben Z’s hotness
  • The sex ed date in which the guys had to teach children about puberty (except they were child actors and Kaitlyn was pranking them)
  • Shawn and Ben H getting group date roses
  • The bromance between Clint and JJ and their “Villains gotta vill” attitude
  • Continuing predictions of who might be on Bachelor in Paradise or the next Bachelor
  • The evolution of Chris Harrison– in this case his planning of a date for Kaitlyn, where she didn’t know who it would be on the date
  • Various tangents inspired by cold meds and cider
They also answer listener questions and share tweets from Bachelor Nation, as well as touch briefly on the Lifetime show “UnREAL,” a scripted show about a Bachelor-like reality series, which they will be podcasting about with Rob later this week on RHAP.
Draft Standings as of Ep 3
Amy: In the lead with 43 (4 guys remaining- but Clint appears in danger. Ben Z and Shawn lead all the guys with 12 and 11 points respectively.)
Kelley: Close behind with 40 (6 guys remaining, with Jared, Ben H. and Joe all bringing her solid points- 9, 7, and 7 respectively)
Haley: Trailing with 25 (4 guys remaining- JJ is her best performer so far, with 7 points for the season)
Undrafted Corey remains in the game with 3 points total for the season.
Thanks for following along and sharing your comments and questions– what will the return of Nick V. next week bring? Stay tuned.
Haley (@hstrong_)
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