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Amy and Haley are back to podcast Week 4 of The Bachelor with Chris Soules, which brought a camping group date, Jade’s Cinderella dream date, and a very dirty wedding dress competition.
Amy (@RHAPRecapper) and Haley (@hstrong_) cover all of the ups and downs of this week’s episode, including
  • The Soules sisters visiting the mansion to choose a date for Chris
  • Ashley I. and Kaitlyn going au naturale at the lake
  • Kelsey being a Debbie Downer on the group date
  • Ashley I. sneaking into Chris’s tent and trying to tell him she’s a virgin
  • Becca being revealed as the second virgin on the show
  • Jade being selected to go on a Cinderella date, and getting to keep diamond earrings and Louboutins
  • Ashley I. freaking out about not getting the Disney Princess date
  • Ashley I. freaking out about telling Chris she is a virgin
  • Ashley S. acting crazy on the camping trip
  • Jillian winning the wedding dress competition but crashing and burning on her one-on-one in San Francisco and Chris sending her home
  • Jillian’s questionable “Would You Rather” question to Chris
  • Megan’s 5 senses fruit-tasting game
  • Britt questioning Chris’s integrity for giving Kaitlyn a rose
  • Juelia’s classy exit and Chris walking her out
  • Nikki, Juelia, and Ashley S. being sent home at the rose ceremony
  • Whether or not Samantha is still in the competition
  • the instagram posts from the bride featured on last week’s show that indicate producers planned the “wedding crash”
They also share tweets from BachelorNation and questions from RHAP-up listeners.
They also mention the exclusive blog post from Sean Lowe on Rob Has a Website and his new book, available at
Haley (@hstrong_)
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