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The Bachelor: Chris Soules’ Rejected Women Tell All

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Amy (@RHAPRecapper) and Haley (@hstrong_) invited Melissa Sullivan to help them break down the episode of The Bachelor’s Women Tell All this week. Mel (@melgotserved) attended Andi’s Men Tell All last season and gives the ladies some details of her experience on the show– including Marquel’s cookie throwing and Chris’s scream-inducing presence.
They then discuss the women who got called up into the “hot seat” for some one-on-one time with Chris, as well as the women left fighting for their 2 minutes of air time from their seats to audition for Bachelor in Paradise.
They talk about:
  • Britt’s tearful interview and her chances of being the Bachelorette
  • Kelsey’s extended monologue about her portrayal on the show and thoughts on why the other women hate her
  • The enigma that is Ashley S.
  • Jade’s hurt feelings about Chris’s blog on People saying that he was “disturbed” about her photos
  • Kaitlyn’s confusion about getting dumped, her wish that Chris had let her go before the rose ceremony, and her chances of being the next Bachelorette
  • Carly’s argument with Britt and the audience reaction to her
  • Jillian, Tara, Trina, Samantha chiming in to offer their two cents from their seats
  • Chris taking the hot seat and his long hug with Britt and his talks with Jade and Kaitlyn
  • Chris Harrison’s new romance novel: The Perfect Letter
  • the bloopers- were they THE BEST EVER??!
  • the teaser for next week and their thoughts on whether Whitney or Becca will “win”
  • Celebrity tweets including Anna Kendrick and Richard Roeper, as well as tweets and questions from all of the beloved listeners
Only one week left! Who will it be: Whitney or Becca? Be sure to tune in next week for Amy and Haley’s reactions to THE MOST DRAMATIC FINALE TO THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON OF THE BACHELOR EVER!
Haley (@hstrong_)
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