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The Bachelor 19 RHAP-up | Randy Bailey talks Chris Soules

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It’s a podcast that’s Rated R for Randy (i.e. don’t play if you’ve got sensitive ears or kids in the car) when Survivor’s Randy Bailey joins Amy and Haley to talk Farmer Chris and the women competing for a lifetime of love in Iowa.

Randy covers his impressions of the highs and lows of the season so far through 6 episodes, and provides his unique perspective on the edits and producer manipulation.
Among many other topics, the three discuss:
  • Chris’s performance as The Bachelor
  • Whether the women really want to move to Iowa
  • Who are the frontrunners or potential Bachelorettes or Bachelor in Paradise contestants
  • The tragic stories this season of the widows Juelia and Kelsey
  • Kelsey’s edit
  • Ashley I.’s virginity
  • Jimmy Kimmel’s appearance
  • The women who came back after being eliminated (Kimberly and Jordan)
  • Tara’s drunkenness
  • Ashley S.’s craziness
  • Jillian’s awkward date, black box blurring, and Would You Rather
  • Britt’s hygiene and whether not showering is a dealbreaker
  • The infamous 2-on-1 date with Kelsey and Ashley
  • Britt going to the Big and Rich concert while the other girls were left behind
  • Carly’s love guru date
  • Jade’s princess date
The wrap up with questions from listeners. Thanks for listening and let Randy know what you thought in the comments below!
Haley (@hstrong_)
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