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Get 15% Off! Since the calendar has turned to October, it’s almost time for Halloween.  Matt Hoffman is the world’s biggest Halloween fan and creator of the year’s biggest Halloween party, Hoff-O-Ween. Who better to discuss a movie about a witch this month, 1989’s cult classic “Teen Witch”.

The film stars Robin Lively as Louise, a down and out high school girl who is totally unpopular and hopelessly in love with one of her classmates, Brad (played by Dan Gauthier).  On a day when Louise is coming home from school, Louise is run off the road while riding her bicycle by Brad.  She ends up looking to use the phone at Madame Selena’s palm reading parlor and meets Madame Selena (played by Poltergeist’s Zelda Rubenstein).  Madame Selena tells Louise that she is actually a witch and will start to experience her witch powers on her 16th birthday.

Sure enough, the following week, Louise is able to experience some magical powers that she uses to do things like attract the attention of Brad, turn her brother into a dog and of course, become the most popular girl in her high school.  As Louise starts to become more popular she realizes that she now has other problems including the loss of her best friend, Polly and uncertainty if people actually are liking her for herself or because of the magic spells that have been cast.

Rob and Matt Hoffman examine so many of the great unanswered questions from Teen Witch and recount so many of the memorable moments from the film including:

– Why are there so many musical numbers that break out during the film including the women’s locker room sequence where the women sing “I Like Boys” and the infamous sequence where some of the high school guys battle rap “Top That” against Polly on the streets.

– Why was the school play such an important storyline in the film when we never actually get to see the school play happen in the movie?

– What was wrong with Louise’s brother, Richie in the film and why did he want to iron Louise’s homework?

– Just how far did Louise go with Brad during this makeout scene in the old condemned house?

– What was the meaning of the opening dream sequence?

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