Talking with the Latest Player Eliminated from Survivor – 12/02/13

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With Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) having commitments at his day job,  we will have a pinch hitter for this special Monday Exit Interview.  RHAP blogger, The Walking Dead podcast co-host and former Survivor recapper for MTV Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward)  will fill Rob’s shoes this week.

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Here is what Josh covers in this conversation:

  • What was the real reason why Rob didn’t do this interview?
  • How is Vytas feeling now about Laura Morett’s move at Redemption Island?
  • Was Laura’s move against Vytas strictly business, or a little bit personal?
  • Did Vytas ever stop viewing Redemption Island as purgatory? Was he ever able to see the silver linings of being out there?
  • How would Vytas have won a jury vote upon reentering the game?
  • At what point did Vytas realize he was in trouble — before Aras was voted out, or after?
  • Would Vytas have ever taken a page out of the Ciera Eastin playbook by voting for Aras?
  • Did Vytas know he was finished before his last Tribal Council?
  • What’s the status of Aras and Vytas’ relationship these days?
  • Prior to the game, did Vytas intend to use his history with heroin addiction as a tool in the game?
  • How did Vytas survive the swap, and at what point did he know he was safe on the new Galang tribe?
  • What happened to Vytas’ shirt?
  • Would Vytas want to play Survivor for a second time — and if so, would he want to play with Aras again?
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