Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

The Survivor Strategic Game: Now It Gets Murkier

May 11, 2014 - Has there been a less predictable post-merge run in Survivor history than Cagayan? It’s been interesting to note the back-and-forth jumps between losing a power player and a follower in alternate weeks. Whenever a potential trend emerges, it disappears with the next vote. Kass flipped on her alliance and talked about chaos, but she’s hung back and played it safe.
Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

This Makes No Sense

May 11, 2014 - Hearing Jeff say that Spencer was once more outside the group, but that it wasn’t such a bad thing should delight me since it goes directly to the themes that we have followed since the first episode, but it actually worried me. What if that whole storyline had been used as the distraction, as the lure that will keep the audience riveted to what could actually turn out to be a very predictable result?
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