Amazing Race

Amazing Race 32 | Episodes 6 & 7 Recap

After a special double-episode of the Amazing Race, your Amazing Race experts are here to recap all the chaos and craziness that ensued in episodes 6 and 7. Rob Cesternino, Jessica Liese, and Mike Bloom walk face-first down a building to bring you the latest in Amazing Race coverage! This week, teams travel to Berlin, Germany on their race for one million dollars.

Survivor | Outwit, Outplay, OutLIST | Best Survivor Product Placements

Ready for a new podcast to kick off the Survivor off-season? Introducing Outwit, Outplay, OutLIST! Rob Cesternino and Mike Bloom nail down their official rankings of Survivor things. Each week, Rob and Mike will be joined by a special guest to rank different Survivor moments, objects, people, confessionals, and more! Here to get the ball rolling and the list growing, is none other than RHAP Class of 2020 member, Jason Reed. Today's podcast takes a look at the best Survivor product placements.
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