Survivor: Philippines

Baker’s Dozen: The Survivor Philippines Conspiracy Theories

– After another week of immunity challenge ineptitude from Matsing, Guest Blogger Andy Baker has had enough! In the latest Baker’s Dozen, he questions the Survivor casting process, and wonders if there might be an ulterior motive to the decidedly unbalanced design of this season’s three tribes. If you’re fond of Survivor, conspiracy theories, and righteous indignation, you can’t miss this Baker’s Dozen!
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Survivor: Philippines

Baker’s Dozen: How Roxy Broke The Survivor Commandments

– Now that’s what you call an episode of Survivor: Cuddling and cookies! Probst getting frisky! Roxy preaching the truth! If you want to read what Guest Blogger Andy Baker has to say about the latest developments on Survivor: Philippines – including an explanation of a few key early game Survivor commandments – then check out the latest Baker’s Dozen!
Survivor: Philippines

Baker’s Dozen: A Very Zane-y Start to Survivor Philippines

– Survivor is back, and Guest Blogger Andy Baker couldn’t be happier. A 90-minute episode, a full intro, three tribes led by a trio of intriguing returnees, a deep water challenge, and a Fairplay-hating, Hantz-worshipping, metaphor-murdering first boot… what’s not to love? Check out what Andy has to say in the first Baker’s Dozen of the season!