Cast Your Votes for the Survivor Top 20 Players of All Time List


For the second time in Rob Has a Podcast history… It IS time to vote for the Top 20 Survivor Players of All Time!  You can vote anytime between now and 11:59 pm ET on Friday, June 20th at

In the summer of 2011, we did the original Survivor Top 20 list and had over 500 ballots cast.  Since that time there have been 6 news seasons of the game that have played out and thousands of new people that have discovered the podcast.  This should be the most far-reaching poll of this nature that has ever been attempted and I really appreciate your taking the time to really think about your ballot.

I don’t want to give you too many criteria on how to construct your ballot and this list is supposed to be about being the best PLAYER.  You can quantify that in any way you choose but try not to be influenced by factors outside of how good these players are at the game of Survivor.

Please read the voting instructions CAREFULLY before casting your ballot.


How to Vote:

1.  Click the link to vote to be taken to the survey page.

2.  On the survey page select your personal top 10 from the drop down lists on the page.  Note that your top 10 will be weighted.  The person you select for 1st will get 10 votes.  The person you select for 2nd will get 9 votes and so on and so on with the person you rank 10th getting 1 vote.

3.  Be sure not to vote for the same player in multiple spots in your top 10 list or your entire ballot will be discarded.

4.  Find your top 10 Survivor players listed alphabetically by First Name… with players being listed by the name they are best known by on the show (For instance Woo is under “W” for Woo and not listed under Y for his full name, Yung “Woo” Hwang).

5. You may vote once per internet enabled advice but multiple ballots cast from the same IP address will be discarded.  As always, we ask that you not go to great lengths to hack the results – We have no doubts that you know a guy who knows a guy (or are that guy) who could make your favorite player #1 on the list.  All we can ask is that you just cast your ballot and let the results play out.

6.  After the voting closes at 11:59 pm ET on Friday, June 20th, Curt Clark will tabulate the final results and they will be revealed LIVE on an episode of Rob Has a Podcast at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT on Tuesday, June 24th.  Rob Cesternino will not know the results at any time during the voting or prior to the live show.

7.  For any additional questions about the vote, contact @CurtClark on Twitter or ask your questions in the comments below.


Tweet Your Support:

Feel free to share your ballot and encourage other Survivor fans to (purple) rock the vote with the hashtag #SurvivorTop20



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