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Survivor Jonathan Penner on John Cochran getting voted out of Survivor South Pacific[/caption]

On Survivor South Pacific, Whitney Duncan and Dawn Meehan were both members of the Savaii tribe and both looked to be in a good position heading into the merge. Based on the sheer fact that they are on the phone today with Rob Cesternino and Nicole, you can assume something didn’t go according to plan.

Rob starts off by asking Whitney and Dawn about what they think of John Cochran’s decision to flip now that they’ve had a couple of months to reflect on what happened. Whitney and Dawn both think that Cochran would have been better off had Cochran stuck with Savaii because they think he would’ve been in the final three at the end of the game.

Rob asks Dawn and Whitney to play out the hypothetical scenario of what would’ve happened if Savaii had made it to the final 6. Both Dawn and Whitney agree that Ozzy Lusth was going to be the first one to go from the tribe, but they differ about what would have happened next. Dawn and Whitney do concede that had Cochran voted with them at the final nine, he could’ve definitely changed his fate in the game and actually may have been in a position to win.

Rob asks Whitney to discuss all of the controversy surrounding her relationship with Keith Tollefson. Whitney says that while she doesn’t feel comfortable discussing her personal life, she says that she and Keith did indeed fall in love on the island. She discusses her former marriage as well and describes it as something that wasn’t working.

Finally, Rob and Nicole discuss with Dawn if there was anything she might have done differently knowing that Cochran was going to switch. Dawn says that she wishes she would have given the immunity necklace to Cochran to keep him from flipping to Upolu.

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