Tyson-cast III: Coach Encounters of the Third Time

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Tyson Apostol is considered to be a living Rob Has a Podcast legend by many authorities on the subject and is often referred to as one of the members of the RHAP Mount Rushmore. Tyson once again returns to the podcast for his third appearance to discuss his former tribemate, Coach Ben Wade, and his appearance on Survivor South Pacific.

Tyson updates Rob Cesternino and Nicole about his recent trip to China. Tyson reveals that he was able to scare some school children and see some illegal cricket fighting. Tyson is also able to put many American’s fears to rest after learning some insights about the Chinese people.

In discussing Tyson’s former tribemate from Survivor Tocantins and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains, Tyson has been impressed with Coach. However, Tyson thinks that CBS may have cast people that were completely agreeable to everything that Coach had to say.

Tyson discusses what it was like for Brandon Hantz to get to see his dad for the reward challenge. We discuss what Coach’s strategy might be for the end of the game and whether Coach might be better off taking Brandon Hantz to the finals instead of Ozzy.

Rob and Nicole break out a new game with Tyson which is “Which Hantz tweeted this?” Rob reads questions as Nicole and Tyson try to guess whether Brandon Hantz, Russell Hantz or Shawn Hantz might have tweeted the line.

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