The Upolo Power Struggle and Jonny Fairplay Partying Hard for Rob’s Birthday

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Hide the women and children, Jonny Fairplay is back for another podcast to talk about the latest episode of Survivor South Pacific. In this conversation with Rob Cesternino and Nicole (which is recommended for mature audiences only), Jonny Fairplay gets to discuss the following:

– What can be said for Coach Wade and Albert Destrade after the Upolo power struggle that resulted in Mikayla being voted out of the tribe? Did Coach or Albert overplay their hand? Was Coach right to want to keep Edna Ma in the tribe?

– How will Ozzy Lusth’s tantrum affect his game the rest of the way? How big of a mistake was it for Ozzy to reveal that he has the hidden immunity idol to the rest of the tribe?

– How much of a wild card is Brandon Hantz going forward and how much is he really like Russell Hantz?

It’s a wild birthday edition of Rob has a Podcast…

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