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Survivor: Rob takes us to Disneyland

Welcome back everybody. This is going to be a fun one! I hope everybody loves the “happiest place on earth”, Disneyland, because were taking a little virtual trip there today. Every survivor player left in the game is going to be compared to a ride at Disneyland (in Anaheim). Hopefully this isn’t my “Jump the shark” moment. I’ve been going to Disneyland since I was 5 years old. Here is a pic of me gallagher. My mom and stepfather wanted to take a break and go to the Tiki room(a sit down small theater where creepily animatronic birds sing, talk, make inappropriate racial jokes, something, I don’t quite remember) to which I staged a “sit-in” in protest. I literally walked myself away from them and sat down on that bench next to people I don’t know, who were probably really confused and horrifed. I think the guy to the right of me when on to play Don Johnson’s partner on Miami Vice. My mom thankfully took a photo for posterity because of the magnitude of the event. Survivor is like a ride so why not try this comparison to see if it works. Disneyland is the best amusement park as well, I mean it’s clean, I mean spotless and other then the characters in costume groping patrons occasionally, the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Before we get to riding the rides, some thoughts on this episode:

This was a fairly predictable episode with the exception of Tina taking out Aras from the game and sending him straight to the Ponderosa ranch and into the Jury. Kudos, to Tina because I thought she was going to be dead in the water, but she showed some serious grit. I also feel that Aras was checked-out mentally, that he had given up. I think the realization set in that he got thoroughly out played by Tyson and Company and it took all the fight out of him.

Let’s get to the jumping of the shark. So basically I’m comparing everybody’s game play to a specific ride at Disneyland. This may seem a little childish and lame but if you say that to my face, keep in mind that I’m a six foot four, 200 pound boxer and I will end you, capice…were all going to enjoy this and if I hear any of you snickering or making faces at me as your reading this I will(The original following 8 words will not be seen and were edited and censured by the Robhasawebsite legal team). On to the show!!!You all better like it..or else

· Jeff Propst and The Jungle Cruise:

Maybe the most outdated ride at Disneyland, the Jungle Cruise, with the host/driver, who is still using 3/4th’s of the same jokes and one liner’s from the original sixty seven years of the ride. I love Jeff, but I can guess what he is going to say before he says it, at least 70 percent of the time, especially at Tribal Council. He has the vibe at Tribal of the cool teacher who talks to his students sitting in a chair that is turned around, straddling it. He’s awesome though (I hope to get on the show so I can’t be too rough on the guy).

· Tyson and Indiana Jones plus the Matterhorn:

Ok, so for Tyson I had to go with two rides. The Indiana Jones ride is somewhat of a newer ride at Disneyland, stationed in Adventure land, because lets speak frankly here, it is an adventure. In the ride our hero Indiana Jones faces a lot of adversity but in the end comes out on top with his quick wit and resourcefulness like Tyson has this season. The ride is a lot of fun as Indy goes from fighting 50foot Viper snakes, to the old big- ball rolling at him and us. Like Tyson the Indiana Jones ride is a lot of fun. The Matterhorn, as you can see is a bobsled ride that has the scary abominable snowman. You only actually see the snow monster twice, which actually is more effective because it builds anticipation as while riding the ride you know the monster is coming but you don’t when. I compare this to Tyson because in this episode Tyson talked about being the “bad guy” from time to time. For Tysons game it’s more affective to not be the “bad guy” every day, you have to pick your spots and so far Tyson has picked his spots well. With that said the previews for next episode imply that Brutus and Cassius are going to make their move on Caesar. The previews at times can be misleading or all-out false, but if we take the previews as gospel, then this is the moment that has been Tyson’s downfall the first two times he played, losing his focus and not being able to read the tea leaves. I think Tyson is pretty locked on in, so if people do try and make a move on him he will play the idol. If he does decide to play the idol, who is the best person for him to blindside and assassinate? If there was ever a time for Tyson to win an immunity challenge this is the time, because if he has to play the idol and take out somebody in his alliance (Hayden or Caleb) it will be choppy waters for him moving forward. If he wins the immunity challenge then everything is fine. I have a feeling that Tyson will get out of this. To me, Tyson is getting the Boston Rob edit when he won and yes I know the players this season are way savvier, but I still feel that this is Tysons season, but next episode will hopefully go a long way in proving me right or wrong.

· Gervase and The Haunted Mansion:

One of the oldest and most beloved rides at Disneyland, The Haunted Mansion still holds up well. I chose this for Gervase, because Gervase has excelled in playing the evil but fun strategy this season. A telling moment from this episode was Aras singling out Gervase for being the one who lied to him or played him or whatever wording he used, but it demonstrated that Gervase has been doing more than riding Tyson’s coattails. It’s clear that Gervase is having a lot of fun this season and it’s clear that Gervase is a serious threat to win this season if Tyson gets taking out. The big question here is whether Gervase will go along with an ousting Tyson. Is it in Gervase’s best interest for Tyson to get voted out now? If that happens will Gervase be the next to go or will he be left alone? I already said that I think Tyson will survive next week, so therefore I feel like Gervase will also keep his position as number #2 in the game.

· Hayden’s and Pirates of the Caribbean:

Maybe the most popular ride at the most popular park in the world, Pirates of the Caribbean is a great attraction, even though they kind of sold out and now the ride is filled with Johnny Depp, Barbosa and the dude who played Swearengen in Deadwood. I chose this for Hayden, because for the majority of the season he has kind of been living the Pirates life, enjoying his time on the island, not really facing any real trouble the past couple of weeks. The ride itself in the beginning has two dark drops that you really don’t see coming, which are like Hayden’s two unexpected drops in his survivor game, one being the unexpected Brad vote and the other when Kat left the game. Since the Kat exit, Hayden has been living the drunken Pirate life, but it’s getting time to sober up and if he attempts to take Tyson out next episode it potentially will either be the event that catapults him or could lead to his demise in the game. Hayden has continued to show a good social game as it seems that everybody is pro-Hayden on the island. Hayden needs to proceed very cautiously next episode if he wants to secure himself more time on the island.

· Ciera and Snow Whites Scary adventure:

Ok, welcome to the scariest ride at Disneyland. There is just something creepy about this ride. If I ever got stuck on this ride I think I would have a nervous breakdown. I mean you think the Snow White ride would be a nice, fun thing, but no, it plays with your psyche. This leads us to Ciera who apparently has been fooling us this whole season. Like the ride, you think you’re getting this nice, harmless girl, but instead you’re seeing something far darker and potentially evil. I think Ciera was great this episode. The way she completely dominated Katie mentally showed me that Ciera has more in her then I thought she had. I don’t quite understand the “I have to vote for you mom, so people think I’m with them” party line, because does anything really change if Ciera doesn’t write down her mom’s name? I mean Laura still would have been voted off and Ciera would still be in the exact same place she is now. I think the trap Ciera can’t fall into, is getting a big head and trying to do something too drastic. Ciera has shown that she can read people well, so she needs to continue to do so next episode (as if this was actually happening in real time). Ciera needs to get Tyson out to win the game but she has to be smart enough to know when the moment is right to do so.

· Katie and Pinocchio:

Every Disney ride is cool because there is so much detail in every part of their rides and Pinocchio is no exception. The ride follows the plot of the movie pretty well, which leads us to Katie who is our Pinocchio in this equation. Katie like Pinocchio has not been prepared for the harshness of this Survivor world she finds herself in now and like Pinocchio she has taking one miss-step after another. Obviously Katie is not a bad person or an unlikable person, it’s just apparent that this Survivor thing is not her bag. Katie appears to be an easy target next week if the Tyson downfall promos are a mirage. The move for Katie is for her make herself look even worse next episode in an attempt to make herself a more attractive person to take to the finals. I mean you get a pretty big check for second place right? Or is it winner take all?

· Caleb and The Peoplemovers:

For some reason the Peoplemovers was one of my favorite rides as a kid. I think it’s because it lasted for like 20 minutes and it had different tunnels, and you were outside…I don’t know I guess I was a weird a kid because I don’t think anybody loved the Peoplemovers ever and it was one of my favorite rides. The ride closed more than a decade ago and every time I go to Disneyland it’s like seeing a grave of a pet you once loved. The ride has really one exciting part, which is when you went through the extremely outdated Tron tunnel. I chose this for Caleb because he has had one exciting moment this season, which was the ousting of Brad. Since that Brad moment, Calebs game has been pretty slow and not at all memorable. I think this was the first episode in four weeks that we heard him talk. Like with Hayden, it appears that Caleb is a part of the potential plot to take out Tyson, which could also lead to Caleb’s demise or if it does somehow work, a huge leap for Caleb in the game moving forward. Caleb is smart, but sadly he doesn’t know about Tyson’s hidden immunity idol, so he may try and make a great move in the game but if he does it will lead to his downfall if Tyson plays the idol.

· Monica and Mr Toad’s wild ride

Mr Toad’s wild ride scared the hell out of me when I was young, I’m guessing because of the whole “hell” thing at the end. Seriously, you end up in hell at the end of that ride, kind of strange right? Anyway, Monica’s game has been like Mr. Toad’s wild ride, sloppy, reckless and at times harmful for other people and like the ride Monica has survived unscathed. Winning back to back Immunity challenges has been impressive as she most likely may have been voted out the last two episodes. If I can speculate , Monica could be quite the swing vote next episode or moving forward in general really, because will she go with Tyson and Gervase or will she join the “rookies” in a potential overthrow? I think Monica plays scared and so she will go with whoever makes her feel the less paranoid in that moment, meaning I think Tyson and Gervase make her feel more comfortable than any other two people left in the game and so I would guess that she would go with them.

· Tina and Splash Mountain:

Based off the most racist, never aired since 1964 Disney movie Songs of the South, we have Splash Mountain here for Tina. Here’s a little trivia question for you readers (and don’t cheat by google-ing it please) which you can answer in the comment section here. Splash Mountains maiden voyage was led by what actor playing their most famous character? A little hint: This actor is dead now but his character starred in over 3 films (and the answer “who cares” does not count). Winner gets to give me any pop culture reference to include in my next blog (big prize I know.)

Splash Mountain the ride is a combo of zippidy do da and scary drops. Tina’s survivor game has been zippidy do da and scary drops, in that she has been caught off guard from time to time this season. Tina got through the first Redemption Island challenge but now Laura M is stepping into the ring and if Tina somehow gets through that she could potentially then be faced with her daughter, meaning the biggest drop may still be coming for Tina.

· Vytas and Cars ride:

If you’re willing to sit in line for seventeen hours, I highly recommend the Car’s ride. In the ride you go up and through the mountains to Paul Newman’s lair, where you get fixed up and then race with another car. Vytas like the Car’s ride has been fixed up and will now take part in race after race at Redemption Island if he continues to win. You have to think that Vytas has a good chance to get through Redemption Island and re-enter the game and if he does, he could do some damage.

· Laura and Monsters Inc:

Trying to protect her daughter like John Goodman protecting the little girl in Monsters Inc we have Laura. The Laura/Ciera situation is weird because I can’t think of any scenario where I could write my mom’s name down at a tribal council. It just seems wrong. Like the ride, Laura is trying and willing to sacrifice herself for her daughter’s safety. I don’t think it will work out for Ciera but Laura’s heart was in the right place. If Laura can get through this Redemption Island campaign and get back into the game again, she will cement her status in my mind as the most dominating challenge person ever (Ozzy can’t do puzzles!)

So here we are at the end again. Let me know what rides you guys would have chosen if different then my choices for each person. Maybe when this season is over, Rob can treat us all to a trip to Disneyland and ……ya that just sounds really creepy, let’s just pretend I didn’t write that and get to the power rankings.

1. Tyson

2. Gervase

3. Hayden

4. Caleb

5. Ciera

6. Monica

7. Katie

8. Vytas

9. Laura

10. Tina

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