Natalie, Kathy on a Pre-Survivor Finale Special and an Interview with Erik Reichenbach

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After Rupert Boneham got voted out of the tribe this week we’re down to only 5 Survivors left on Heroes vs. Villains. Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri are joined by two great Survivors to talk about all of this week’s drama. Natalie White from Survivor: Samoa talks about her first hand experience with Russell Hantz and the brand new grandmother, Kathy Vavrick O’Brien, from Survivor All-Stars and Marquesas talks about her experiences with Jerri and Colby. On this week’s episode we’ll discuss:

Check out Rob's Bonus Interview with Erik Reichenbach about his campaign for dumbest Survivor move.

– How does Natalie think Russell Hantz has changed his gameplay since Survivor Samoa, and how does she think he will fare against another jury this time around?

– We’ll find out how Natalie thinks Russell Hantz will vote if he doesn’t end up in the final three?

– What does Kathy think of the sluggish play this season of former Survivor All-Stars tribe mate Colby Donaldson?

– What did Kathy think of the gameplay of Boston Rob Mariano on Survivor Heroes vs. Villians and how does she think he handled himself in his rivalry with Russell Hantz.

– Which former winner has the better chance going into the Survivor Heroes vs. Villains finale, Parvati Shallow or Sandra Diaz-Twine

Also, be sure to check out Rob’s exclusive bonus interview with Erik Reichenbach who is competing for the dumbest survivor move of all time!

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