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One of the many people affected this week by the destruction of Superstorm Sandy was the latest person who got voted out on Survivor, RC Saint-Amour. Since RC had been evacuated from her apartment during the storm, we weren’t able to talk to her until several days after we were originally supposed to hear from her. Finally, RC was able to talk and we asked her about her Survivor Philippines experience.

RC begins by telling us how she is holding up in the aftermath of Sandy. RC is doing alright but has several family members who lost a great deal in the storm. Turning to Survivor, Rob wants to know about what went down during the wild tribal council from this weeks show. RC said that she didn’t know that Mike Skupin was going to vote for Penner so she was shocked to see that happen.

Rob wanted to know if she and the other players realized how tight of a bond Malcolm and Denise had on the show. RC said that she was aware of how close they were but she had a hard time getting some of the non-thinkers in the game to see them as a threat. Instead, the other players continued to target her and Mike.

Rob asked RC about her feud with Abi-Maria Gomes and why they could not overcome her differences. RC said that she certainly could understand why Abi-Maria would not like her since she possesses many qualities that Abi-Maria doesn’t have. RC said that she tried to reconcile their differences but Abi-Maria wasn’t interested in that.

RC didn’t quite know to the extent that Pete was trying to stir the pot but she certainly had her suspicions during the game. RC thinks that Pete is trying to hard to be a Russell Hantz-type player when he would be better served by a different strategy in the game.

RC also revealed why Mike Skupin and Lisa Whelchel may have a bond that extends past Survivor.

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