Jeff Varner on Survivor Mike Skupin Then vs. Now

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Jeff Varner played on Survivor with Mike Skupin 12 years ago and now is watching his former tribemate return to Survivor for the second time.  What does Jeff Varner think about the evolution of Mike as a Survivor player?  We’ll find out in the latest edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

Rob starts off the interview with Jeff Varner by asking Jeff how he is doing following the recent death of his uncle this week.  Jeff was able to still do the podcast though he was still working and dealing with this emergency in his family.

Jeff says that Mike Skupin in a lot of ways is still the same person that he was on the Kucha tribe in Survivor: The Australian Outback.  Jeff says that Mike is just as clumsy and just as hungry as he was in the Australia.  Rob wants to know what Jeff thought of all of the craziness that took place leading up to tribal council on this weeks show, specifically what were the returning players up to during this week’s vote.  Jeff’s theory was that there is a lot to Mike’s game that we are not seeing on the show.

Rob asks Jeff about the relationship between Mike and Lisa Whelchel.  Jeff says that Mike and Lisa have a lot in common because both of them are professional motivational speakers.  Jeff says he feels really good about the alliance between these two players.

Jeff does not have high praise for Jonathan Penner this season.  Jeff doesn’t really understand why Penner has been brought back multiple times when there are so many other people out there who could be brought back. Rob wants to know why Mike isn’t working closer with Jonathan Penner but Jeff thinks that getting rid of Penner is part of Mike’s strategy.

Later Jeff answered a number of questions from our Facebook Fan Page including the possibility of Debb Eaton one day appearing on Rob Has a Podcast.

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