The Know-It-Alls Debate Survivor Philippines Episode 3

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Stephen Fishbach joins Rob Cesternino for another edition of the Survivor Know it alls. The guys start off with how cookie the crumbled on tonight’s episode. Find out if Survivor fans are better off today with Rob has a podcast.

The discussion starts off with Russell Swan’s energy level in this game. Does he know about his clue, does he have the strategy to help him in this game. The Matsing tribe is the focus of much of the spreecast with Rob and Stephen discussing Denise Stapley’s alliance with Malcolm Freberg and if they made the right move or and what the future holds for this Matsing tribe.

Jeff Kent discusses the nature of a man’s handshake and Rob and Stephen discuss how this affects Jonathon Penner. Will Jeff Kent and Jonathon Penner be the right track in the long run?

Tandang has not been to tribal yet but they have some interesting dynamics. Rob and Stephen think discuss the new partnership of Abi Maria Gomes and Pete Yurkowski especially now with the idol being found. In addition, Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour may be on the outs. Is she too trusting of Abi Maria Gomes?

To end the night, Rob and Stephen are joined by Big Brother RHAPorter Snide Snidington to moderate a special debate on who is the better returner, who is in the best position and can Angie Layton make a run for the next Miss Survivor. A special guest in the chat room crowns the winner of the overall debate.

Join Rob tomorrow when he speaks with Miss Survivor hopeful, Angie Layton for plenty of talk about her work on Survivor and cookies. Then later Rob will speak with the winner of Survivor Exile Island, Aras BasKauskas and break down everything from this week’s episode of Survivor Philippines.

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