Colton Cumbie Breaks Down Jeff Kent’s Big Decision

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Colton Cumbie from Survivor One World is one of the most controversial Survivor players of all-time. Colton was medically evacuated from Survivor One World on Episode 6, the same as returning players Mike Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan. Colton joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the latest happenings from this season, shed some light on Survivor One World and attempt to make a better second impression.

Rob begins the discussion with Colton discussing the latest tribal council where Jeff Kent decided to join forces with Abi-Maria Gomes, Pete Yurkowski and Artis Silvester to try and target Jonathan Penner. Since Penner played the hidden immunity idol, RC Saint-Amour ended up being the one voted out of the game. Rob wants to know if Jeff Kent made the right move. Rob felt like Kent made the wrong decision because if Kalabaw remained strong, their four plus Skupin and RC would be a strong six that could wipe out the remaining players from Tandang. Colton agreed with Rob’s logic about the plan and discuss how Jeff is obsessed that the returning player Penner could outlast him in he game.

Rob asks Colton if the decision was for Tandang to vote out RC at the merge if it would’ve made more sense to throw a challenge earlier to vote RC out before she could flip. Colton thought that this was different enough from his decision in Survivor One World because that move served him well individually but didn’t help the tribe. Colton felt like there’s no way Artis would agree to such a plan in the game – considering that he wouldn’t even give up sandwiches in the reward challenge last week.

Shifting gears, Rob wants to know about Colton’s thoughts on Dana who went out of the game in very similar circumstances to the way that Colton left the game in Survivor One World. Colton wants to know why medical gave Dana a choice on going out of the game when he was forced to leave. Colton said that if he was given the option he would’ve stayed, no matter how uncomfortable he may have been.

Rob asked Colton about his thoughts about RC but Colton was not a fan of hers this season. Meanwhile, Colton has enjoyed the gameplay of both Pete and Abi-Maria so far.

Later in the show, Rob asked Colton some of your questions from the Facebook fan page of Rob Has a Podcast, including: What does Colton think about Bill Posley’s new job hosting Survivor Live? Was Colton asked to come back on this season? Who is the sexiest male player this season? How would Colton change his gameplay if he were to return to the show? And even who would Colton endorse for Miss Survivor 2013?

Finally, Rob is joined by Nicole Cesternino to listen to your comments and take some voicemail from the listeners of RHAP.

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