Jeff Varner on the Survivor Big Blunder from Colton and Company

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All the way back in Survivor: The Australian Outback in 2001, Jeff Varner figured out the finer points of how to scheme and play smart in Survivor. Jeff joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about his experience and just how different things are in the current state of Survivor on Survivor: One World.

Of course, the discussion has to open up with the decision from the men of the Manono tribe to go to tribal council even though they were the winners of the immunity challenge. We try to figure out exactly what was to be gained by making a move like this. The best that we can come up with is that there may have been a slight advantage for Colton Cumbie to eliminate Bill Posley, but the cost of the damage done by Jeff Probst probably outweighed any potential benefits.

There’s also plenty more discussion about Colton including his most recent controversial comments from this week’s show and what the reaction has been to Colton on twitter over the last 24 hours. We try to figure out how Colton has become so powerful in the game and if he has any chance to win. We’ll also try to figure out if Tarzan was standing up for or against Colton at Tribal Council.

Over the women’s tribe, things are looking up. Jeff remains convinced that a woman is going to win the game. We try to figure out exactly how Alicia Rosa could’ve stumbled on that puzzle after stating just how good she is at puzzles and we guess who would’ve likely gone home: Alicia or Christina Cha?

Jeff answers plenty of your questions and tells several great stories from Survivor: The Australian Outback. Jeff’s got the latest update on Debb Eaton, the official story of how the Okagor tribe found out about his votes, lots of fun with Ding / Marry / Kill and a Elisabeth Hasselbeck story that will change your VIEW of her forever.

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