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Survivor Kourtney Moon Breaks the News of her Latest Medical Emergency

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Kourtney Moon didn’t have a long stint on Survivor: One World before breaking her arm in the very first immunity challenge of the new season. She reveals to Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino that she is back in the hospital for an entirely different reason. Kourtney’s doctors recently discovered that she had a tumor in her abdomen. Kourtney has undergone surgery this week to have the tumor removed but the doctor’s established that this tumor was indeed cancerous. Kourtney is awaiting further test results to better know the condition of her health.

We’re going to be thinking about Kourtney for quite some time and we will bring you news about her health as soon as we hear it.

Shifting gears, Kourtney also describes her time on Survivor One World and her alliance with Monica Culpepper, Christina Cha and Nina Acosta. We also hear from Kourtney more about the feud between Christina and Alicia Rosa that erupted at the first tribal council of Survivor One World

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