The Survivor One World Preview: Cast Assessment, Predictions & More

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It’s just about that time for another season of Survivor to kickoff. Rob Cesternino and Nicole take you on a tour through the 18 new castaways who will try to outwit, outplay and outlast each other on Survivor: One World.

This season brings several new twists to the Survivor Game. Most notably Survivor: One World will start off with the tribes being divided into men and women – with a twist. Both of the tribes will live on the same beach with each other as they compete as separate tribes. Also, Redemption Island is gone this season and a new twist requires players to give a found immunity idol to the other tribe (if it’s the idol for the other tribe).

Rob and Nicole preview the cast in alpabetical order as listed below:

Alicia Rosa (25) – A fiesty Special education teacher with a very special bathing suit.

Bill Posley (28) – The first stand-up comedian to appear on Survivor

Chelsea Messner (26) – A self-proclaimed tomboy that could be a force for the women’s team and an temptress for the men’s team.

Christina Cha (29) – A career consultant who is looking to be the funny, goofy and cute Asian Girl of Survivor

Colton Cumbie (21) – This season’s Survivor Superfan, who happens to be both Republican and gay.

Greg Smith (64) – Adventurer, Swordsman, Plastic Surgeon… someone get a Dos Equisfor the most interesting man in Survivor

Jay Byars (25) – A male model who hopefully knows Derek Zoolander

Jonas Otsuji (37) – The first Sushi chef to appear on Survivor. Hey, we’ve got fish, we’ve got rice… what could go wrong?

Kat Edorsson (22) – A timeshare sales rep from Orlando who just wants you to attend one short 30 minute breakfast and promises you’ll have the rest of the day for yourself.

Kim Spradlin (29) – A beach volleyball playing recent divorcee who is on the rebound.

Kourtney Moon (29) – A single mom who works as a mechanic.

Leif Manson (27) – The first little person to ever play the game of Survivor

Matt Quinlan (33) – A San Fransisco lawyer whose favorite client may be himself.

Michael Jefferson (30) – A Seattle banker who just wants to play an honest game of Survivor.

Monica Culpepper (41) – The wife of a former NFL player… but not the one you’re thinking of.

Nina Acosta (51) – A retired LAPD officer who worked on the SWAT team.

Sabrina Thompson (33) – An outspoken High School teacher from Brooklyn, NY.

Troy Robertson (50) – A swimsuit photographer who literally owns 12 monkeys.

It’s a season preview worth waiting for… it’s Rob Has a One World Preview Podcast

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