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The Survivor off-season is coming to a close and Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to talk about Survivor Nicaragua.  Rob and Nicole break down everything pertaining to season 21 of Survivor including:

– What does Rob think of this year’s twist Young vs. Old?  How will dividing the tribes by age affect the way the game is played and who does it help the most?

– What does Rob think about NFL legend Jimmy Johnson joining the cast of Survivor and why does Rob think that he’s doing to be just fine?

– Who are the standouts from the new cast?  Who do Rob and Nicole think has the best chance to become this season’s Russell Hantz and who do Rob and Nicole think has a chance to be the douchiest contestant of Survivor of all time?

– What do Rob and Nicole make of Survivor’s big move to Wednesdays?

– And who do Rob and Nicole think will win Survivor Nicaragua?

It’s a Survivor podcast so good, that there’s no message boards that can spoil it.  It’s Rob Has a Podcast!

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