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Survivor: Lost! Part 2 – 11/03/13

Welcome back all 12 of my loyal readers! 😉 Maybe this time I will do something more reflective of my University of Oregon/Portland State education and compare each player to an element on the periodic table of elements. Or maybe I will compare players to a famous piece of art, or use famous composers…thinking..,Alright screw it; I’m doing a Lost on Survivor blog in response to Josh’s Lost blog on Survivor earlier this week! I guess this is just “Lost” week on Just know right now, if you never watched Lost you are going to be thoroughly confused and I won’t blame you if you bail at this point. My opinion on Lost is that through season 5, it was my all-time favorite show. Then Season 6 happened and well…., the final season really, really pissed me off. I know some people still like to pretend and get overly offensive when you criticize the ending of Lost, but this is a safe place, were all in the “trust tree” here, where it’s safe to say anything. Trust me, I wish I didn’t feel this way, mostly because Damon Lindelof the show’s creator, hooked up the kids at the treatment center I work at, with some gifts and seemed like a real stand up, classy dude. With that said, we must be rigorously honest here, and the last season kind of sucked. Why didn’t they answer my questions!!!!!!! F***,,, F***…ok I’m good.

The show still is in the top ten of all-time TV dramas and so with that I give you my blog, with Survivor castaways compared to one and most of the time two characters from the showLost. I need some help with your opinions on who you think is the better fit for the survivor cast away on certain charactors. Before we get to that here are a few take a ways from this episode of Survivor first:

Kudos to Hayden for pulling off the always near impossible “I know my girlfriend/wife wants me to (fill in the blank) but if I cry I will turn the tables on her and make her feel like a jerk if she makes me go through with this” which really can only be pulled out in very rare situations. I mean Kat was trying to walk Hayden right into taking her place on Redemption Island, which would have been so selfish and so self-unaware on her part, because Kat had zero chance winning this season, but it still would have happened if Hayden didn’t pull out the performance of his life. Hayden or Bryan Cranston is winning the Emmy this year and after this episode of Survivor Walter White is nervously pacing aroundUncle Jack’s compound.

Will somebody please take the immunity idol clue at some point? Is John trying to avenge is perceived downfall on Brad, whose been done playing for a while, by continuously attempting to give the clue to Monica? If I was Monica, next time I would find something that could be perceived as that little clue and try and do the old “bait and switch” and secretly keep the Clue while throwing the decoy into the fire.

Let’s get onto the game. I will do a warm up comparison first:

Rob and Stephen as Jacob and The Man in Black:

The creator of this forum for all of us here, Rob as Jacob and Stephen Fisbach and his evil intentions as The Man in Black. I don’t think I need to elaborate any further right? Every recap podcast that they do, I expect Stephen to blankly stare into Rob’s eyes and say coldly “ Do you know how bad I want to kill you?”. “One of these days, Rob, I’m going to find a loop-hole”, As Rob condescendingly nods.

Aras as Either Jack or Locke:

I think Aras brings the traits of both Jack and Locke to the table. Like Jack Sheppard, Aras continues to get looked upon as the leader of tribe, at least “on paper”. Aras is the man of “Science” and the man of “faith”. His appearance is Jack-ish but his nature/meditation walks are Locke-ish. Gun to my head I would say that Aras is more Jack then Locke. Let me exit out of fantasy land for second, next episode is going to be key for Aras, as we will see if the assassination talk will come to fruition. Sometimes with the edits, we really don’t know what a certain player is really thinking or what he knows or doesn’t know. In this case the edit is depicting Aras as not noticing that his fellow mates are conspiring against him. If Aras doesn’t know and is going into the merge blind, will the Tina’s of the world help save him or will they go with Tyson and take out one of the biggest targets in the game and leave Aras in a bamboo field dying with Vincentthe dog?

Tyson as Sawyer and/or Ben:

I think Tyson is the perfect blend of Sawyer and Ben mixed together. The perfect mix of renegade with a heart of gold and devious with a big helping of cunningness, I think encapsulates Tyson well. I think in the game we have seen Tyson talking about taking out Aras and acting shady with the food, but really we have only seen him at tribal council once, so we don’t know how much power he has over everybody else yet.We/I can speculate and have the opinion that he holds the most power in the game right now, but until we get to the next episode and see the dynamics of the tribe post merge we can’t say with any certainty how much power he really has. Gun to my head I would say Tyson is more Sawyer then Ben, but this is very close.

How has Josh Holloway not become a star yet? Instead of Bruce Willis trotting out god-awful Die Hard movies that take place in Russia, couldn’t they reboot the series with Holloway in the John McClane role? How has nobody else thought of this?

Caleb as Mr. Echo:

Mr. Echo was one of my favorite characters in Lost history. The story goes that Mr. Echo was supposed to have a longer story arc that played through all six seasons, but the actor who played him hated living in Hawaii and wanted off the show, so they killed him off. If you think about it, his death on the show was pretty sudden and doesn’t entirely make sense looking back, but I will save that thesis statement for another blog another time. Like Mr. Echo, Caleb doesn’t appear to say much, but he carries a big stick like the big fellow. Obviously, I’m giving Caleb a lot of respect for only one move we have seen him make this season, which was the overthrow of Brad. I think Caleb is going to suffer the same fate as Mr. Echo and get taking away from us suddenly and unexpectedly. I think he will get caught up in one of those crazy tribal councils where everybody was going to vote for someone else then a long lost father shows up or somebody wakes up from a coma and throws everything off and a quick decision has to be made and somehow Caleb gets the boot…ya that’s my theory…but don’t hold me to it.

Gervase as Richard Alpert:

Another one of my all-time favorite characters was Richard Alpert. I always felt a kinship to that actor, because I have very dark eyelashes and have been made fun of over the years for looking like I wear “guy-liner” like he did during the show. I always also liked the swagger that Richard Alpert had in any scene he was in. I chose Gervase for this role because like Richard he doesn’t look like he has aged from the first time we saw him 46 years ago on season 1 of Survivor up until now. Richard and Gervase are both one of the first inhabitants of their respected islands. Gervase, also like Richard Alpert seems to be the consigilere to the man in charge of the island in Tyson. Analogies aside, at this point it seems to me that Gervase is making a deep run in this game. He doesn’t seem to appear as any kind of a threat to anybody else. He doesn’t have a loved one in the game anymore, he is shielded by bigger perceived threats in the game and he’s the closest ally to the games current most powerful player. Early on in this season, Gervase was the bane of the rookie tribe due to his post competition antics, but since then Gervase has played a pretty smooth game, albeit under really no stress or paranoia.

Hayden as Hurley and/or Desmond:

Ok this was a tough one. These two characters from Lost aren’t exactly mistaken for one another. I think Hayden has that “dude” Hurleyquality if you know what I mean. I also think Hayden has some Desmond mystical qualities as well, as he is the “constant” for CBS in case they every get caught in a time loop with parallel universes. Can’t you see Hayden looking for Penny Kat with a bloody nose? I touched on Hayden’s impressive performance at Redemption Island earlier here in the blog, but Hayden had to navigate a near impossible land mindfield with Kat at Redemption Island and now seems poised to be in a majority alliance moving forward. I think Hayden is going to be force in the game but ultimately I still don’t see how he can get into the top 3. I think his downfall will be circumstances that he has no control over.

Side note: Is it possible for the Jorge Garcia (Hurley) to be in anything else ever again and not have the first words out of the viewer’s mouth be “Hurley!”? You know he is just waiting for the call from CBS that their going with the “Hurley runs the island” spin off show with Ben and Walttttttttttt! With that said who do you guys think Hayden is?

Tina as Rose and/or Juliet:

I always feel like I’m selling Tina short in all my comparisons, but here I am again comparing her to Rose and/or Juliet. I think she has the blend of both characters. Tina brings the motherly traits of Rose to the game with the confidence and abilities of Juliet. I think Tina made a tough choice in keeping Vytas over Laura. If I was to put myself in her head, the thinking was that as soon as the merge happens, Laura is going to join the dudes. I think this was flawed though, because who is the bigger threat long term, Vytas or Laura? Obviously Vytas, so why keep him in the game ? Then again, maybe Tina is being brilliant and thinking that she needs to raise an army against Tyson and his crew and so by saving Vytas she will have him and then Aras, plus the girls on her current tribe. I don’t think she was thinking that critically long-term, but again we have no idea as of now. I think that choice of saving Vytas will be the turning point of either success or failure in Tina’s Survivor destiny. We will get to see next episode how that choice altered the fate of everyone else’s game potentially as well.

Katie as Claire:

My first question is why in the hell was Claire in the cabin acting all crazy with Jack’s dad that one time in season 4? I mean she wasn’t dead so what was go….oh never mind. So ya, Katie as Claire. She has some Clarie-ish qualities right? I couldn’t think of anybody else for her, so if you don’t like it then you can go to hell! 😉 Most of the loved ones have been split up, sent to redemption or booted out of the game, so you would think Tina and Katie will be split up soon. The wild card factor here is that Katie doesn’t appear to be good in competitions nor does she appear to have a slick social game, so her threat level is extremely low. The problem is that when you need to find an excuse to save yourself it’s easy to suggest to everyone else that the mother/daughter pair needs to be split up. Would Vytas and Katie be the most random survivor hook-up ever? Maybe they can have a Vytas love Katie reality show on the oxygen channel.

Ciera and Laura as Shannon and Sayid

Ok obviously Laura and her daughter aren’t like Shannon Sayid, in that they don’t have a romantic relationship, but can’t you see Ciera getting sent to redemption against her mother, losing badly, get sent home with Laura looking at everybody else in the game like Sayid at the 7:33 mark of that clip above? Laura has Sayid qualities in that she dominates competitions like Sayid dominates any foe that steps to him. I think Ciera can just go ahead and change her name to “non-discript-non-threat that’s getting dragged deep into the game for her vote only”. Maybe she can find a way to shorten that name and make an acronym for it which I guess would be: NDNTTGDDITGFHVO. Maybe if we make the D silent it will be easier to pronounce?

Isn’t it strange that for Sayid’s whole story arc we were told it was about his love for that girl back in Iraq and then in the very last episode, his true love was a girl he hooked up with once on an island for three days?

John as Ethan:

I won’t argue about this one. John is Ethan, the creepy Other ,that is the Terminator character of Lost, you can’t kill him! John has survived round after round on Redemption Island easily. John even has the creepy- Ethan -dissociated look in his eyes sometimes as well. John or Laura M is most likely going to emerge back into the game from Redemption Island, if it turns out to be John, he has to hope that it’s during a time of incredible unrest in the galaxy and pray that he can just slip into the game almost undetected.

Laura M as Danielle Rousseau:

Danielle Rousseau was like the nosey neighbor from sitcoms that would periodically show up from time to time and annoy everybody onLost. Her characters back story was something that didn’t really make that much sense either, but I will save a rant on that for later on in life I guess. Laura shot herself in the foot by approaching Vytas to tell him he was being booted. To many watching the game, any excuse to vote out Laura was going to be jumped on by everyone else, which is what happened. Any last words for Laura should be said now because she is going to be gone in four days I would guess.

Monica as Kate and/or Ana Lucia

This is a real tough one. Is Monica more Freckles or more Ana Lucia? Kate was a very polarizing character during the run of Lost, which Monica I feel like is starting to become a polarizing character on Survivor. I think Monica is more Ana Lucia then Kate, because of her need at times to be the “shot caller” and her ability to rub people the wrong way (also a Kate trait too). Ana Lucia had qualities that were good, but like Monica she was always flawed from a very traumatic past experience, Ana Lucia’s from shooting somebody and Monica’s from her first go-around on Survivor. I think Monica is going to get herself into trouble very soon post -merge. Its seems that her Scooby Doo, stoner paranoia will be her downfall and I see her trying to make a power move too early, which will lead to her downfall. I don’t think Monica truly has anybody left in the game that wants to roll with her moving forward.

Did you know that the Lost writers killed off actors that got DUI’s while filming in Hawaii? The actresses who played Libby and Ana Lucia both got DUI’s and then both got a bullet to the gut. Really, a great deterrent set by the writers. Don’t drink and drive!

Vytas as Charlie:

“You’re going to die Charlie”.. Sorry couldn’t help myself. Is there a better fit here for Vytas? I say no! Can’t you see Vytas leadingDriveshaft singing “You all everybody”? Did you know that the actor who played Charlie dated Evangeline Lilly who played Kate? How did he make that happen? That will go down as his best performance ever and sadly it happened off screen. Anyways, Vytas somehow with smoke and mirrors has avoided Redemption Island against all odds twice in two weeks. He must have a really good social game or all women alliances can’t work because all women are crazy and can’t work together because they can’t get beyond petty differences is what a sexist would say but I’m not so were all still cool here. I think Vytas surviving this episodes tribal council will propel him into a deeper run into this game then I previously expected. I think post-merge his brother is obviously going to be a target and now he has the benefit of having the trust of Tina and her crew of girls. Vytas is in a pretty good place now..

Bonus one:

Jeff Probst as Keamy:

That clip is what Jeff wants to do to anyone who quits the game or anybody who doesn’t give 100 percent in the game. Bottom line, Don’t F with Jeff Probst or he will literally shoot you in the head.

Lost at its best was one of the best TV dramas of all time, end of story. Survivor at its best is still the best reality TV Show going. I think next episode with the merge finally happening, will make this already entertaining season rise to a new level of enjoyment. My guess is that Aras is in the most trouble. Im sticking with #TeamTyson as nothing has changed my view that this is his season to win.

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