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LIVE after episode 8 of Survivor 33: Millennials vs Gen X , Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and guest Josh Wigler recap the episode and answer your Survivor CBS questions LIVE!

Michelle Voted Out

In this week’s Know-It-Alls, Rob is joined this time by Josh Wigler to discuss this week’s merger episode. Rob started off discussing how Michelle Schubert received his admiration for the game she played before the merge. Josh found it difficult to point out what caused Michelle to be voted off from the island. However, Rob speculated that it was because Michelle couldn’t convince Zeke Smith that she was a happy member of his alliance. Rob said that once Justin “Jay” Starrett and Taylor Lee Stocker came back, Michelle clearly favored the Millennials. Josh then agreed, explaining that Michelle was never on the same page with Zeke, Chris Hammons and David Wright. It also brought up concerns for Josh that Zeke, Chris and David were so willing to cut someone out of their alliance who didn’t pose them much of a threat.

Rob also mentioned how Michelle missed an opportunity to form an alliance with all of the Gen-X and Millennial stragglers. However, she went back to go to the Millennial tribe which was hard for Rob to wrap his head around.

Why Not Taylor?

The question that was posed was who else could’ve been possibly eliminated, other than Michelle, since originally the cast members were plotting to vote out Adam Klein. Josh discussed how it seemed like Taylor Lee Stocker would be the one who would be voted out instead of Michelle. Josh elaborated how Ken McNickle was insistent that Taylor needed to go and tried to organize the others to vote Taylor off. While Rob admitted that he believed the better move would be to go after Taylor, he didn’t have a problem with Michelle being targeted. As Rob has mentioned before, if there is an opportunity to take out numbers from a side, you capitalize on that opportunity. Both then agreed that Michelle was a stronger player than Taylor and that it was smart strategy to vote Michelle off.

Adam and Taylor Alliance?

Is a new alliance forming between Adam and Taylor? Rob mentions how he likes the boldness of Adam approaching Taylor about a possible alliance. Rob also admires the plan Adam has to take out Will Wahl and creating an advantage for both. Josh said he liked the idea of an alliance with the both of them, mentioning how Adam can easily manipulate Taylor and how no one will suspect the alliance. However, Josh is skeptical that the alliance will form, thinking that it is too good to be true.

Sketchy Adam

Rob mentioned how Adam is finding himself in a tough situation, almost being targeted by two groups. Adam was only saved by the grace of Hannah Shapiro and Zeke, but Adam already has a reputation of not being the best person to work with. Josh explained with Zeke discussing with Hannah how horrible an ally Adam is, things don’t seem to bode well for Adam. At this stage of the game, Josh thinks it’s best that people should just close the doors on opportunities to form alliances.

Bullseye On Will

When asked about Adam’s plan to take out Will, Josh thought that it was a good plan with the exception of telling Taylor the plan. Josh reasoned that it is smart to go for players to go after other players who don’t have the idol. Josh also mentioned that it would also be a blow to Justin, since Will is Justin’s ally.

Mr. Steal Your Reward

Adam stumbled onto a new advantage in Survivor, allowing him to steal anybody’s reward in the game. Josh wasn’t too crazy about it, reasoning that it would be confusing to decide when to utilize the advantage. However, Adam discussing the advantage he has with Taylor was a move that still wasn’t beneficial for Josh. Whether or not, this will make for a good TV moment is yet to be seen.

Food Stealing

Rob and Josh later discussed Taylor’s plan of stealing food, with his Mason jar skills. Rob believed that the skills were limited to putting food in the jars while Josh believed that it had more to do with edible arrangements. To conclude this week episode, Rob and Josh answer email questions.

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