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LIVE after episode 7 of Survivor 33: Millennials vs Gen X , Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) recap the episode and answer your Survivor CBS questions LIVE!

Michaela Betrayed

In this week’s episode of Know-It-Alls, Rob and Stephen discuss their shock with this week’s tribal council. Rob explained that he believed this tribal council was one of the most dramatic TV moments and noted how it was Game of Thrones-esque. Both Rob and Stephen also commended Jeff Probst for allowing this moment to fully play out. The dramatic moment occurred when Michaela Bradshaw learned that it was Justin “Jay” Starret who had betrayed her. Rob wondered if this was all from the previous tribal council but Stephen only felt that it was a small part of the reason.

Stephen elaborated that he felt that Justin wanted to make a big move because of boredom. Elaborating on his point, Stephen mentioned how the Ikabula tribe hadn’t lost and they probably wanted to shake things up. Stephen believed that voting out a strong player is always good strategy unless that player is a loyal ally, to which Michaela was in the Ikabula tribe. Digging deeper into trying to understand the move, Stephen read what Will Wahl and Justin had said about Michaela. This only cemented Stephen’s confusion after reading how both Will and Justin praised Michaela for her intelligence, strengths and loyalty. Rob agreed that it made no sense, commenting how this move allows Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest in the game. It appears to be a huge win for the alliance of Zeke Smith, Chris Hammons and David Wright and the other alliance of Jessica Lewis, Adam Klein and Ken McNickle.

Figgy’s Fallout

Rob mentioned how in the previous tribal council, Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa was voted out, which was one of Justin’s allies. With Michaela happy about Figgy being voted off, Rob wondered if Justin anticipated Michaela betraying him and the alliance they were in. Stephen believed it could’ve been a part of the reason, but Stephen didn’t believe that it was too much of a factor. Michaela was always up front about her feelings for Figgy and Stephen pointed out how her vote was never influenced by her hatred of Figgy.

Rob’s Perspective

With Rob putting Stephen on the spot for most of the episode, Stephen asked Rob what does he believe were Justin and Will’s motivations? Rob believed that there wasn’t much trust between Michaela and Justin. Trust in this game is a high importance, according to Rob, and he believed that Michaela never gave them a good reason to trust her. Rob also mentioned that Michaela’s non-existent poker face was also a liability. However, Rob warned about the dangers of keeping Bret in the game and the opportunity he may have with his alliance.

Is A New Alliance Forming?

Are Will, Justin, Bret and Sunday closer than we thought? That’s a question Rob is interested in having answered. Rob mentioned how maybe Hannah Shapiro has been ruffling some feathers with her alliance and how Justin did a good job with fanning the flames. Rob speculates that Bret is collaborating with Justin and trying to form an alliance. Stephen agreed, mentioning how viewers can’t underestimate how other cast mates bond with one another.

Bret’s Plan

One of the things that were bothering Stephen, and that was Bret’s plan to have Sunday vote for each other. Stephen believed that it was a horrible decision, reasoning that if they were splitting the votes, Bret wouldn’t want Sunday voting for him. Stephen continued, saying that he’s seen this all the time and said that a lot can happen and that players shouldn’t just vote for each other just because they’re on the bottom.

Jay’s Play

Stephen wondered if there was anything positive in Justin’s move and Rob couldn’t quite find one. Rob mentioned how Justin was lucky that Michaela didn’t reveal that Justin has the idol. Continuing his point, Rob also mentioned how Justin and Will received no reassurances from Bret and Sunday about their loyalty towards them. Stephen agreed, stating that Michaela proved herself to be a great ally and Bret is untrustworthy. However, Justin was able to win the Fishy Award for his efforts of showing his idol to Zeke.

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