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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Survivor: Edge of Extinction Episode 4 LIVE 

LIVE after episode 4 of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and take your questions!

After a tribe swap that ended up swapping nearly nothing and us losing a great character in Rick Devens, Stephen expressed his displeasure with losing big characters like Rick early on. When it came to the Extinction Island talk, Rob thinks at the top of the next episode, we will see the same exact thing as we did at the beginning of this episode with the welcoming committee of Reem and Keith not being very happy to see Rick come to their island.

On the actual Lesu tribe (the new green tribe), Stephen acknowledged how surprised he was with the fact that Wentworth did not even try to take out David despite this being one of her best opportunities. On the other end of the spectrum, Rob noted that Rick and David’s decision to not take out Wentworth in the last Tribal Council cost them tonight. Stephen also added that he wishes that the Edge of Extinction twist was more like the outcast twist from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Check out Stephen’s PEOPLE blog to see who gets the Fishy and more here: Survivor: Allies Turn on Each Other After a Wild Edge of Extinction Swap

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