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Recorded LIVE in front of a sold out audience at Caroline’s on Broadway in Manhattan, New York, immediately following episode 6 of Survivor 33: Millennials vs Gen X , Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) recap the episode and answer your Survivor CBS questions LIVE!

Adam’s Move

In this week’s special Know It Alls live show, Rob and Stephen start off with discussing whether or not Adam Klein made the right move. From the crowd’s response, it seemed to be the most popular move made, but the question Rob had was whether or not it truly benefitted Adam. Stephen believed that it was, arguing that since Adam saw another Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor voted out from the Vanua tribe. He also argued that Taylor Lee Stocker would be more furious than Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa would be, so he felt that it was a smart move by Adam. Rob said he believed it was a good move because last week Zeke Smith was working with Ken McNickle and Chris Hammons.

Stephen also elaborated on Adam’s low standing in the alliance and found little reason for Adam to support it. With it still being the pre-jury phase, he felt that Adam capitalized on a moment to de-stablize the game. However, both agreed that it was a great decision for Adam and believe he made a strong move.

Figgy and Taylor

Rob mentioned how he was singing high praises for Jessica in last week’s episode for her plan to not reveal that her and Taylor were a couple. Stephen agreed, believing that Jessica played it right when she agreed with Adam to vote out Ken. Rob then pointed out how Jeff Probst threw the couple to the wolves, when he brought up the pair’s “possible” relationship. Stephen chime in, commenting on Jessica’s horrible defense of being a pair who just vote the same. Stephen added when you’re in love you do stupid things and when you’re on survivor and in love, you’re even more stupid. Rob agreed with Stephen, believing that their defense was very poor and that they doomed themselves as soon as they broadcasted that they were a couple.

Jessica Over Taylor?

The question that was lingering in Rob’s mind was whether it was better to vote out Jessica over Taylor. Stephen believed it was best, believing that although Taylor is more of a physical challenge, Jessica plays the game better than Taylor. When asked if Taylor will be voted out in the next two weeks, Stephen said that it was highly likely he would be. Rob argued that it was possible for Taylor to survive longer, if he turns out to be likeable to the rest of the group. However, Rob also mentioned that Taylor might want to seek out revenge against those who tore his love away from him.

Fishy Award

And the Fishy award goes to Adam, but there was some stiff competition for it. Stephen argued that Ken deserves credit for making a persuasive argument. For making it a compelling case, Stephen says that Ken did a great job in making it. However, at the end of the day, Stephen can’t ignore the smart move that Adam made and ultimately handed him the award.

Immunity Challenge

It was an unusual immunity challenge for Rob, referring to Michaela Bradshaw helping the Vanua tribe. Rob noted how viewers never seen that before, except for on Redemption Island. Stephen agreed, noting that it was a notable amount of assisting rather than anything he’s seen before. Is Michaela a threat? Both Stephen and Rob believe she is, observing how she seemed to be calling the shots. However, both wonder how much was strategy and how much of it was just due to her personality.

Hannah’s Panic

Rob late on mentioned the panic attack Hannah Shapiro had during the challenge. This incident left Rob astounded on how someone was evacuated from the challenge without participating in it. Later, Rob asked Stephen to use his expertise to elaborate more on this point. Stephen elaborated on how he’s never seen anything like this before and commended Hannah on how she managed the situation. Rob asked if she can handle the game when it is crunch time and Stephen believes that she will not pose much of a threat late on in the game.

Idol Play

Rob took note of the crowd’s reaction when Michaela caught Justin “Jay” Starrett with the idol. Rob asked Stephen if he believed it was dangerous for Justin and he argued it was a good thing for Justin. Stephen believes that Justin knows that Michaela knows is beneficial for him rather than Justin not knowing that Michaela knows. When asked how Rob felt about the whether or not the Idol should be kept a secret, Rob believes it should be kept a secret and used for a rainy day. However, Stephen disagreed, arguing that it could be used to form alliances. Later on in the show, Rob and Stephen talked to former Survivor members Sophie Clarke, Michele Fitzgerald, Eliza Orlins, Brian Corridan, Anna Khait and Liz Markham. Rob and Stephen later answered questions from the crowd.

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