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LIVE after episode 12 of Survivor 33: Millennials vs Gen X , Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) recap the episode and answer your Survivor CBS questions!

Will’s Big Move

In this week’s Know-It-Alls, Rob and Stephen discuss how the end of this week’s episode exceeded their expectations. Rob discusses how Will Wahl decided to flip on Zeke Smith, reasoning he was the strongest player to win. Stephen believes that Will’s move wasn’t so much due to strategy, but due to trying to earn respect. Continuing his explanation, Stephen believes that it was a bad move because it’s bad strategy to flip from one alliance to another. However, Rob disagreed with Stephen, stating that it doesn’t always spell out doom for the one who flips. Disagreement continued as Rob believes Will can’t just get respect because he demanded it. Stephen believed that there could be instances where other respect Will for demanding it.

While the debate is still up in the air on that subject, Rob and Stephen continued to disagree with the reasoning Will gave for his move. Rob believes it showed that Will is emotionally fragile and did that move to appease others. Stephen believed that it actually showed him to be composed and being intellectual aware. However, according to both hosts, Will’s claim to make a move to remember will be in vain due to Adam Klein’s Idol play.

Adam’s Idol Play

With Adam’s unusually Idol play, Rob asked the question of whether or not Adam wasted his idol. Stephen believed that it wasn’t wasteful, believing he made the right move. Rob believes that Adam did save the day, commenting on how amazing his whole journey of Survivor has been. Stephen agreed, believing that if this episode was more beneficial for Adam’s resume then Will’s.

Who’s to Blame

Rob wondered who was to blame for Adam figuring out that it was Hannah Shapiro. Stephen commented on how Hannah told Adam that she believed she was the target. Elaborating on his point, he also mentioned how Adam had to take somewhat of a leap of faith in order to trust Hannah completely.

Will’s Predicament

Going back to Will’s predicament, Rob believes that Will isn’t in the best spot being on David Wright’s side. Agreeing, Stephen speculates that the older survivor members will want Will gone and the others won’t value Will. Mentioning how Will had close friendships with Zeke Smith and Justin “Jay” Starrett and now he doesn’t have any close friendships. Stephen asked what Rob believes is Will’s next move? Rob believes that Will jumped the gun, believing that he should’ve made a move closer to the end.

Emotional Moment

After commenting on Adam’s emotional moment, Rob asked Stephen if he thinks that there was any strategy to Adam’s choice. Although Stephen believes that there is some strategy to his choice, he believes that nobility was the driving influence of his choice. Stephen noted how Adam was also in a no win situation if he chose differently. With Adam giving Justin the reward steal, Rob wondered if Adam views the reward steal as a curse.

Zeke’s Undoing

With Zeke being vote off the island, Rob thought that Zeke getting rid of Chris Hammons led to him losing the game. Stephen agreed, believing it was too soon and how he didn’t anticipate the fall out of his choice. At the end of the day, both hosts believed that Zeke didn’t take care of the allies he had at the time.

David’s Spot

Stephen believes that David is in a great position to win. Elaborating, Stephen believes that the heat that was on David has dissipated and starting to gain some close allies. Both then commented on how they aren’t confident on how long Will has on Survivor. Later on, Rob and Stephen answer your email questions.

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