John Cochran Settles All the Survivor South Pacific Debates

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All throughout Survivor South Pacific, much of the focus of the show was centered around John Cochran. From trying to fit in with the Savaii tribe, through his flip at the merge and through his ultimate elimination from the game, Cochran kept it entertaining. Finally, John Cochran makes his first Rob has a Podcast appearance with Rob Cesternino and Nicole.

Rob welcomes John Cochran to the show and starts by asking him about the big move to switch to the Upolu tribe. Rob still says the switch wasn’t a bad idea, but there needed to be more moves to follow. Cochran agrees with Rob and says that he grew complacent after his decision to switch. Cochran thinks that there were more moves that he could have made, even though the Upolu members were pretty unwilling to upset the apple cart.

Rob asked Cochran about whether or not he actually was in the final 3 plans of any of the Savaii members. Cochran says that while several people talked about the final three, including Jim Rice, these are also the same people that lobbied to have him voted out of the game prior to the merge. Cochran said that the final four deals being offered to him by Upolu were far more enticing to him.

Rob asked Cochran about his relationship with Brandon Hantz and how he felt about him being Russell Hantz’s nephew. Cochran replied about not knowing that Brandon was Russell’s nephew after missing the announcement Brandon made and having some confusion after hearing about Brandon’s uncle. Ultimately, Brandon’s relationship to Russell Hantz was not a factor for Cochran.

Nicole asked Cochran about his twitter feud with Russell Hantz. Cochran says that Russell Hantz took a joke the wrong way and got very upset with him. Cochran says that even Brandon Hantz got involved with the feud between the two Survivors.

Finally, we discuss Cochran’s love life after the show and prepare Cochran for his part on the Survivor South Pacific reunion show on Sunday, December 18th, 2011.

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