The 15 Greatest Survivor Post-Show Cameos of All-Time

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Counting Down the 15 Greatest Post-Show Cameos of Survivor Castaways

Rob Cesternino welcomes Vic Shuttee (@VicShuttee) to the podcast to discuss the Greatest (and weirdest) things Survivor players have done AFTER being on the show.  Vic assembled a list of over 100 clips which he narrowed down to 15 which he shares on today’s show.  See below for all the links.

Vic Shuttee’s Links:

Hail Satire podcast:

Hail Satire Youtube Channel –

Vic’s Interview with Mario Lanza –


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Countdown Links:

15) Cochran – Driving Arizona
14) Judd – Rainbow Bagel
13) David – Not Ready for Primetime: embedded in this Deadspin article:
12) Bill Posley – Pick Up Scene
11) Survivor Week on Hollywood Squares – playlist of five episodes:
7) Rupert – For Gov
6) GervTV –
5b) Fairplay is Russell Hantz
5) Big Tom and Lex – Family Beef: 
4) Boston Rob – Tontine: many sources, here are a few:

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