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Survivor: Good Cop-Bad Cop – 09/29/13

Last week my blog compared each Survivor pair to a WWE tag team. Basically I was saying I only want a limited amount of people to understand what the hell I was saying. This week let’s open it up to the masses! I’m going with comparing each pair to a movie Cop-ish pair. Keep in mind this is not a thesis paper for a Harvard class, so some of the comparisons are going to be strong and some are going to seem like a litttttttttttle bit of a stretch. This season has been fun so far, which sometimes early episodes of survivor are not, because everything is so predictable. The best twist is the obvious one, bringing in the loved ones, because it really does add a huge layer to this already dense game.

Let’s look at each law enforcement partnership:

·       Rupert/Laura staring in: Robocop (That was the best clip I could find!! Sorry) Ok so Rupert is dead like Officer Murphy who gets turned into Robocop. Laura is Murphy’s partner (who is played byNancy Allen, who had a three year window of being really, really sexy and seemed to be heading towards a huge career before vanishing from existence) that watched and could do nothing as Murphy was gunned down. Laura might be one of the first victims of the Vet tribe, as she has an easy, built in excuse to be voted off, without causing any waves in the tribe.

·       Colton/Caleb starring in: The Police Academy series as Captain Harris and Proctor.

Colton, like Captain Harris wants to run the show, he wants to call the shots and he needs Caleb/Proctor for support, as he is disliked by everybody else. Basically I feel vindicated from the Podcast we (the bloggers) did at the start of the season. During that podcast I was convinced the Colton, who was saying he was going to play nice was merely a mirage as my cohorts were saying he was going to play more humble 😉 It took one episode for Colton’s fake character to get revealed. At this point he’s making it easy for the vets to turn on him and throw him to Redemption sucks Island. When he played the first time on the all-male team, it’s now apparent that most of those players were zilch’s when it came to playing the social game of Survivor and for some reason feared him? This time around Colton is playing with players that won’t be bullied or fall for his tactics.  I have a feeling Caleb is going to be put in an awkward situation very soon, because it looks like Colton is going to unravel next episode. Does Caleb really want to play Survivor will be the question posed next episode. Caleb seems like a half way decent player, so it would be a shame to see his game wrecked by Colton.

·       Tyson and Rachel Staring in: Training Day

Watch that clip and picture Tyson as the badass in this blog as he (Denzel) is watching Rachel(Ethan Hawke) getting sent to Redemption Island and letting all the other players know that he is the top dog in this game! Rachel like Ethan Hawkehas no idea what she signed up for. I’m beating this theory to the ground; I think Rachel is an actress that was hired on as a partner for Tyson, so he could return to play this season. They have the chemistry of Jim Carey and Laura Linney in The Truman Show. I’m #TeamTyson all the way and Rachel seems like a nice, decent person, so I’m not a hater on them due to my absurd theory. I just want to see Tyson get far in the game so, I’m hoping the, “coming up next episode” preview was just a “fake out” and he won’t sacrifice himself for her (Maybe when CBS hired her they scripted this potential scenario, and put it in their contracts that Tyson can’t take her place!). Tyson seems to be in a good spot on the tribe, especially with Colton imploding and the fact that he is a part of the strongest alliance currently in the game.

·       Monica and Brad staring in Colors

Sean Penn plays the hot shot, bull in the china shop, rookie cop partner to Robert Duval’s calm, friendly, poised veteran in this classic-ish flick. Brad is the hot-shot, cocky cop on Survivor so far this season. Brad seems to think he’s got this game pretty well figured out. The Rookies already seem fractured and very un-united under the self-appointed Brad regime.  The good thing for Brad if we pretend to look at each episode as if it’s being played in real time is that he can still alter his aggressive social style. The source of the fractures appears to be pointing towards John, so Brad may be safe for now. Monica like Robert Duvall in Colors shows calmness and a positive nature that comes off very well in my opinion.  I like Monica and think her virtues as a person does show itself when you watch her. Monica looks to be in great shape as she joined the 5 person alliance on the Vet tribe. That alliance should get her comfortably to the merge. Monica you would think would be able to control Brad when/if they both make it to the merge. This could be a dangerous pair come merge.

·       Tina/Katie starring in: Feds

This pair like the characters in the movie above seems at times like their too nice and innocent to play Survivor. Like the movie we know at the very least in Tina’s case that there is more than meets the eye and that they are strong players. It’s tough to know what Katie’s game is at this point other than surviving the female purge of the rookie camp. Time is slipping away for Katie if her tribe loses again, unless she can be a part of a blindside to oust John boy. Tina’s vital signs are good right now as her tribe continues to win immunity challenges and even if they do lose the bell appears to be tolling for Colton.

·       Hayden and Kat starring in: Se7ven

Ok, stick with me here, but I’m saying Kat is Brad Pitt in this scenario, the hot headed, slightly unpredictable, emotional player. I mean can’t you see Kat screaming, “What’s in the box?!!!”(As Hayden tries to calm her down in the Morgan Freeman role)? Kat for some reason didn’t do her homework with Colton, as she was playing the telephone game with him, which in a less seasoned tribe, could have potentially damaged her game dramatically. Kat needs to prove still that she is a savvy player and not someone who got TAKING far in the game the last time she played. One way to show that is to pick the right people to confide in and align with, which we haven’t seen yet from Kat. Kat needs someone in the “Vet 5” alliance to believe in her.  Hayden like the Morgan Freeman character, is a seasoned pro. He knows the reality TV social game and to me he is a serious threat still, because as physically strong a player he is, he seems to have a Clark Kent vibe when they go back to the camp. Hayden seems like the safest bet out of all the rookies to make it to the merge. Again, I’m like a soccer mom with my Pro-Big Brother political leanings so my optimistic view may be off, but I see Hayden in a real strong place right now.

·       Aras/Vytas staring in: Tango and Cash 

The year 1989 still hasn’t recovered from Tango and Cash getting snubbed by the Oscars that year. Aaras is our straight lace, buttoned up Tango, played by Snaps Provolone Sly Stallone. Vytas is playing the wild card Cash, played by Snake Plissken Kurt Russell. Let’s focus on Vytas first. Vytas appears to be the first male out of the group to actively be willing to turn on the all-male alliance, specifically maybe turning on John and/or Brad. Vytas is a rookie, but he has the look of a seasoned vet. I think if Vytas and Hayden can come together it could be a formidable alliance. Vytas is playing smart by gaining the trust of Katie and Ciera, as playing friends with everybody including the weaker faction of the tribe and treating them like they are equals is a skill that not all survivor players in power have. Aras seems to have the likability vibe that pushes you far in Survivor, as it appears to be like an aphrodisiac to get people to want to align with you. With everybody on the vets stressed out, worrying about their loved ones on the other tribe, it lets a player of Aras’s caliber fly under the radar. What do you guys think? To me it seems like Aras is poised for another deep run in the game.

·       Laura/Ciera staring in Rizzoli and Isles

I will be honest, I didn’t know where to go with Ciera and Laura, so if any of you guys have a better idea please leave it in the comment section. Supposedly this was a popular show at some point. It seems like every staring female character in a cop show now has a wardrobe from Vera Wang, a supermodel hair stylist and carries themselves like a Beverly Hills real estate agent. Back to the game though, I think Laura is just laying low until Ciera gets sent to Redemption Island, where she can then take her place. I think Laura is a good player, but I don’t think any mother would let their child go to Redemption. I’m so set in this theory that I don’t know how to forecast her gameplay. Ciera needs to do whatever she can in the next immunity challenge to avoid her tribe having to go back to tribal counsel. I think Ciera needs Vytas to survive pre-merge. Ciera seems savvier then Katie and so if you agree with that then you would think that Ciera has a better chance to stick around.

·       Candice/John starring in : Kindergarten Cop

I picked this gem because the plot to this movie is very similar to Candice and John’s story on Survivor. In the movie,Arnold’s partner was set up to be the one that goes undercover in the school to find the son of a seriously creepy criminal at large. She gets food poisoning early on, which forces Arnold to go undercover in her place and hilarity ensues, because Arnold is too tough to be a kindergarten teacher right? Candice was supposed to be the one to go far in the game and John was to be the back up.  Well as we all know, Candice got sent to Redemption within the first five minutes of the game and now John is off trying to find the hidden immunity idol. John handled receiving the clue to the idol as bad as an only child who never shares their toys with others. John has now put a bull’s-eye square on himself, because he didn’t at least pretend to include anyone else, which then pisses everybody off and unites everybody to turn on you. Candice like Arnold’spartner is left on the sidelines, stuck in Survivor purgatory having to win her way back into the game.

·       Gervase/Marissa starring in: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The underrated classic starring Gervase as the over the hill washed up Eddie Valiant, being brought back to a world he had sworn off. Along the way he gets a partner, the energetic Roger Rabbit played by Marissa. Gervase may be playing too emotional in the challenges, but as long as the vets continue to win, he will be safe. Gervase being a part of the “Vet 5 alliance” with Tyson, Aras, Tina and Monica is a fantastic move for him as it’s his insurance moving forward if he continues to pop off to the rookies. Marissa like Roger Rabbit was condemned for a crime she didn’t commit and now has to avoid “The Dip!” and Judge Doom at Redemption.

Bonus Duo as a prize for your dedication for sticking through this blog:

·       Rob C and Scott starring in Point Break

“Im an R.H.A.B writer!!”

Obviously I’m Keanu Reeves in this scenario and Rob is my veteran partner playing Gary Busey, ordering me around, “Scottie, get me Two!”

I am an open book and therefore am compelled to share another comparison between Point Break and Rob’s website, which could get me killed by the evil Cesternino.  Rob’s website is just a front for a serious bank robbing business. All the funding for his website I think comes from that. All the bloggers join Rob once a month in an armed robbery of a southern California bank, while wearing the Past Survivor winners masks. It sucks because I got stuck wearing the mask of the girl who beat Russell Hantz in the finals. I’m not going to lie, I got freaked out my first time when @ChannonSarah pistol whipped an elderly woman while laughing hysterically.


This season has been pretty interesting early on, even with the eighteen different twists this year. I’m looking forward to seeing if the Rookies can pull together and win a competition, so we can see Colton meltdown and get his comeuppances.  The dynamics of having loved ones playing with each other truly does add a very entertaining dynamic to the game, because Survivor is already so Cray Cray that it’s going to drive some of these players’ bananas soon I think. Thank you for your time and please let me know if you think there was a cop duo I forgot to use at @Scotty07 on twitter.

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