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Survivor: Ghost Island — “Survivor: Micronesia Island”

Logan Saunders recaps episode 7 of Survivor: Ghost Island ahead of the merge in episode 8.























Previously on Survivor: Malolo lost their fifth immunity challenge. Facing TC, Michael and James were outnumbered. At TC, Michael turned on an ally to stay alive but it still left him on the outside looking in.

Fourteen are left; who will be voted out tonight?



DAY 18

Michael is depressed by James’ elimination but escapes shelter early in the morning to go hunting for magical advantages in the jungle. This is what Survivor has turned into.

Angela correctly deduces that the guy at a 3-1 disadvantage and who has already played an idol is out looking for another one. Well, she says “he is probably looking for an idol”. There’s a chance an eighteen-year-old woke up before the military mom on a random morning just for the hell of it. In fact, this is the first time in human history that has ever happened.

He is using sticks and rocks to look for sticks and rocks. The most common items in the jungle are now superpowers on Survivor.

Desiree says Michael is “easy picking”. Well, not so easy picking anymore as Michael finds The F–king Stick.

And now for the most absurd scene in the season yet.

“This is the fake hidden immunity idol created by Ozzy in Survivor: Micronesia Fans vs. Favorites, 2007, on the beaches in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Ozzy hid a carved stick on Exile, Jason found it, believing it to be a real idol, promised to save Eliza. When he showed it to Eliza, she believed it to be an obvious fake. Eliza was voted out at Tribal Council that night followed by Ozzy being blindsided at TC the following round with a real idol followed by Jason who was voted out with an idol in his pocket too. The only three players ever to touch this stick were immediately voted out.”

“But there’s a secret nobody knows. For ten years, this stick has been living in some superfan’s home and has been using it as a dildo–“


“Nah, just kidding. For ten years this stick has been living on Ghost Island in Fiji. It has slowly been gaining power and as of this moment, it has fully matured into a real hidden immunity idol. And if you believe all of this, thank you for finding the stick again, Jason Siska.



DAY 18

Malolo walks in without James. Nobody has a big reaction.

For today’s challenge, they will be pulling a rope suspending a disc in the air stacking blocks that spell out the word ‘REWARD’. First two tribes to finish wins reward.

Yeah, it’s just the same damn challenge from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers that was broken by having one person drop the rope and make it easy.

They’re playing for steak and kabobs. The second tribe to finish wins a smaller quantity. The winning tribe gets to pick anybody from the two losing tribes to go to Ghost Island.

PROBST: A lot at stake.

No pun intended.

Dom sits out as if it’s a big deal and does a Phil Keoghan-esque eyebrow raise. Um, OK then.

Laurel sits out too but in a less dramatic fashion than Jeff.

PROBST: You are spelling out the word backward. . .it is all about communication. Like how I am communicating everything you are doing to the audience at home because they are too dumb to follow the gist of what is going on. Don’t you love the sound of my voice? It’s so soothing.

We get shots of Dom watching the challenge repeatedly. Naviti has two blocks on it. Dom calls out directions to them. Sebastian puts the ‘W’ on for Yanuya to spell ‘WARD’. As in, Sebastian may admit himself to a Psych Ward if he can’t get candy or lollipops within the next few days.

ANGELA: You’re next, James.

MICHAEL: Michael. I’m Michael.

ANGELA: Uh, Michael.

Truth be told, any original Malolo members are nameless to Naviti. They’re all the same. Angela essentially treats Michael like any mom with multiple kids. She won’t get the name right, but you know who she is addressing.

Chelsea places the final letter ‘R’. She starts backing away and it tumbles. Typical Chelsea coverage on this season. She is always shown messing up.

Wendell places the ‘R’. The Ghost Island logo goes on top, apparently. Yanuya can’t agree on the tension and tumbles.

Desiree puts on the ‘E’. As soon as Probst points out it is Malolo’s first lead in a while, the stack falls too.

Naviti copies the broken strategy from HHH. Yanuya copies them too.

PROBST: Any reward is nice, but steak is great.

DOM: Damn right, Jeff.

Production loves Dom. He’s just sitting out, man.

PROBST: Sebastian back with the ‘E’.

That doesn’t surprise me. I bet the same statement is uttered at parties too.

Yanuya and Naviti in a dead heat. Wendell is intense with his toothpick.

BRAD: Donathan, no tension on the rope. No tension on the rope.

DONATHAN: I’m not, Bradley!

Donathan completes the logo and reward is Naviti’s.

DOM: I got you, babe! I got you!

Even when the tribe celebrates we cut to Dom.

Wendell slowly backs away to his barrel as Yanuya secures second place. Probst refers to Malolo’s constant losing streak as the story of the season.

PROBST: It appears this tribe is cursed.

Sigh. They’ve already won once. That’s not a curse.

Probst reminds Naviti that sending somebody from Yanuya would sacrifice their spot in the reward. They huddle and agree.

PROBST: Before you tell me, walk me through it.

Chelsea wants to keep the mystery under wraps and sends Kellyn. She appears to be upset. Whether her reaction is honest remains unknown. I assume now is the right time to go for an advantage since her alliance is 3-1.

Donathan is annoyed by Bradley barking out orders.

DONATHAN: I had a fire raging inside of me.

I…I just can’t picture that, Donathan.



DAY 18

Kellyn walks into Ghost Island.

KELLYN: The land of the Unknown.

. . .You’ve been here.

Kellyn smashes an urn.


Stephanie is likely seething right now. Kellyn has had the chance to play twice.

The odds have improved for this time. 2-in-3 shot at obtaining the item, but the risk remains the same. I assume it’s the same as what Kellyn rejected the first time around.

KELLYN: Gotta risk it for the biscuit.

There’s the episode title.

KELLYN: I need more of the luck of the Survivor gods on my side.

More? You’ve been in a damn good spot since day one.

“You’ve won an advantage. This is the authentic Steal a Vote that got Michaela voted out in Game Changers. . .”

We get an extensive history lesson of Sarah grabbing the advantage by Michaela’s feet then being voted out with it.

It is no longer a ‘Steal a Vote’ anymore but is rather an ‘Extra Vote’.

KELLYN: This is huge.

Not as huge as a Steal a Vote as it originally was. . .furthermore, the Extra Vote has been proven on paper to not have a chance of impacting the game at any Tribal Council unless there were only three people.

Kellyn stuffs the vote into her crotch and gives a really goofy expression for the camera.



DAY 18

Donathan says smoking the other two tribes in a reward was the highest point for him. He talks about the reward aloud until Brad interrupts him multiple times to get him to move the bamboo for his pot. He even claps his hands together like a dog.

While Dom is reminiscing about the victory too, Brad snaps for him to get the fire going. Repeatedly.

BRAD: The hardest test out here is not to be a total dick…historically in my life, that’s what derails it all.

I really want this to be used as a curse in Ghost Island 2.

Dom, Libby, Chelsea, and Donathan all gossip about Brad who is alone only being a dick to himself back at camp.

DOM: He is a smart kid but is a nasty son of a bitch.

Sounds like a great day 39 goat. However, Dom wants to keep a larger alliance intact.



DAY 18

Less drama over their victory. Chris wanted to be first but is cool with the food they have. We have an unusual camera angle of zooming in on Chris’ kabob.

Wendell guides the tribe in wishing his girlfriend a happy birthday. Surprisingly personal footage of him. I can hear the Edgic people screaming that this is a winner’s edit.

While everyone has a nap on the beach, Wendell’s “firewood trek” is actually his own magical stick hunting.

Wendell notes an odd tree shaped like a harp or a rib cage. It is a very easy idol to find…er, an idol clue with a map. Sadly no decade old stick is inside.

Wendell follows the map and pulls out a huge green package. It’s the freakin’ Micronesia necklace that Erik gave up (the first of three forms of immunity Erik would sacrifice in Survivor history).

“The four remaining women bamboozled him into giving up the necklace.”

Bamboozled? Who wrote this? Richard Hatch.

The decade-old talisman has been living on Ghost Island (but not really) and is now just like any other hidden immunity idol. Many people hoped it would be a talisman you had to give to another player or be a Hogeboom idol, but sadly production didn’t get too creative with it.

NOTE: Two idols and an advantage in the span of twenty minutes, y’all. I assume Kellyn’s was just an extra vote because whatever is found next has to be more advantages.



DAY 19

DESIREE: We might be the most losing tribe in Survivor history.

You already aren’t.

DESIREE: We have to reverse the curse.

MICHAEL: Let’s break the curse.

Everyone take a drink.

Malolo burns their tribe flag to get rid of the curse and negative aura.


DAY 19

In the middle of the ocean, Kellyn returns from Ghost Island.

Probst asks Michael about the “Malolo Curse”. They reveal it has been burned and cursed, but let’s just get to the damn challenge.

For today’s challenge, they’ll swim out to a floating platform. Race up and jump off to retrieve two sets of floating rings. Land rings on a floating target. First two tribes to land all of their rings on a target wins immunity.

Jenna sitting out for Yanuya.

Predictably, Chelsea sitting out for Naviti. Either she messes up or she sits out. Production really doesn’t seem fond of her.

Sebastian establishes a lead for Yanuya. Bradley and Kellyn aren’t too far behind. Bradley obtained the furthest rings to help out Naviti. A rare non-dick move.

Chris is second into the water. He growls as he dives into the water. We need more Chris antics.

Bradley is back. Dom dives in. Michael tags in for Kellyn. She is exhausted.

Michael has a really impressive dive and overtakes Domenick who merely jumped.

PROBST: Michael has been amazing!

He really wants to protect Michael from having to use his idol at TC.

Yanuya is first to the platform. Malolo is second.

PROBST: Malolo is trying hard to reverse the curse!

Naviti is last to get back to the platform. Domenick is extremely hesitant to jump off the platform again and is not smooth whatsoever.

Donathan is first to land a ring. Chris rallies with two quick rings. Desiree’s tosses are horrendous for Malolo.

Wendell scores rings 3, 4, and 5. Then barely misses the final one.

Dom has #2 for Naviti. Michael scores two for Malolo. Then #3. Thank god they subbed in for Desiree. Donathan scores two more for Naviti.

Wendell lands the final ring. They’re immune.

Michael lands the fifth ring. It’s now 5-4. He takes a deep breath, studies the platform, and lands the final ring. Desiree abuses the platform in the victory. Donathan casually lands another ring.

PROBST: Malolo! The curse! Is Reversed!

Malolo and Yanuya swim away from the platform. Naviti slightly lingers to hear the bad news. Libby feels Bradley doesn’t deserve an alliance. Whoa, haven’t heard from her in a while.



DAY 19

Dom apologizes to the tribe for letting everyone down and being smoked after the swim. So much for CrossFit.

LIBBY: Win as a tribe and lose as a tribe so it was not…you cannot take all of the blame. . .

BRAD: Maybe you had too much coffee.

Oh. My. Word. Dom does not look impressed. I can’t wait for other Bradley responses.

LIBBY: I think I have gained weight lately.

CHELSEA: Oh, I don’t think you have. I don’t notice you being any bigger–

BRAD: Maybe you shouldn’t have eaten all of those kabobs.

Or also:

STEPHANIE: I feel lonely right now.

BRAD: Maybe you shouldn’t have divorced your husband.

Or also:

VYTAS: My brother and I aren’t on the best terms right now.

BRAD: Maybe you shouldn’t have injected yourself with all of that heroin.

Or also:

KATHY: I’m sorry to my tribe members for quitting and letting Parvati win.

BRAD: Maybe you shouldn’t have tried to cut off your thumb in that manic state.

Feel free to add more to this.

Bradley proposes Libby to Donathan and Dom.

BRAD: Do you think she has an idol?

(DONATHAN laughs.)

Yeah, Libby isn’t gonna have an idol.

 Brad says Donathan is here for a summer vacation while Libby has a reputation of not being trustworthy. He volunteers himself to be the one to talk to Chelsea too.

After the talk, Chelsea and Libby speak alone together and say it’s gonna be Bradley.

The decision is resting with Chelsea and Dom. Malolo 2.0. had no problem keeping in Brad, but why boot him now? Dom already knows he can’t trust Libby and has been blinded by her before. Or is she a known danger where she’ll go soon regardless?






Those eyeballs burn more than mine when the local cottonwood blooms.

Probst asks if original Malolo and original Naviti is still a factor.

BRAD: The five of us get along swimmingly. It’s almost shocking from a Survivor standpoint.

Donathan reminds Domenick he was blindsided about the Morgan elimination. It still stings like a John Carroll jellyfish.

LIBBY: My alliance was stronger than my bond with Morgan. . .

This is a strong case for original Naviti to stick together.

BRADLEY: I have some counterpoints. . .I’ll argue about the color of the sky if I have to.

He proceeds to interrupt Probst to elaborate more on his point. Bradley repeatedly states he doesn’t want to be the dick who constantly plays devil’s advocate.

It’s time to vote.

Donathan is tricked by a faulty pen lid. Will this curse be reversed at the next TC?

No votes are shown; no idols played.


SECOND VOTE: Bradley!!

Exclamation marks?

THIRD VOTE: Bradley (underlined)


He’s eliminated. Bradley didn’t see it coming at all.

BRADLEY: Good job guys. Oh my god. Wow. Damn. That’s crazy.

Although the word blindside is overused these days, it’s definitely the appropriate word to use here.

Next Time on Survivor: Three tribes come together but a war rages on.

In an episode where the whole story of the elimination comes down on Domenick and Chelsea within a tribe of just five people, Chelsea gets one confessional while Dom gets six and a whole lot of airtime while sitting out of a challenge. What the hell did Chelsea do to production? Does anyone know?

Four idols and an advantage are now in play heading into a merge. With more advantages that were teased during the Survivor 35 reunion show, the mess may grow over the next couple of weeks. I presume the merge round will not see anybody on Ghost Island which is probably for the best.

The conspiracy theories grow as to why the odds were bumped up from 1-in-2 to 2-in-3. Is it to ensure the Extra Vote item was obtained? Did producers want to guarantee somebody would always be enticed to take the gamble each time and feel it would be too boring if a player shut down a chance at an item? All of it makes sense.

It was probably best Malolo didn’t go to Tribal Council. Seeing an inevitable 3-1 vote where Michael idols out somebody would have been anti-climatic and have a little long-term impact for the remainder of the season. I assume production is happy the stick lasted more than an episode too.

Wendell found an idol on Yanuya and continues to be a vicious tag team with Chris. Yanuya was likely hoping for a delayed merge as they had a nearly unbeatable tribe.

I don’t understand why production chose to use a reward challenge that was broken last season only for it to be broken again this season.

Bradley was one round away from being guaranteed a Final Three spot. He was such an obvious goat for a majority alliance to take to the end. In fact, Dom having a final 3 with Chelsea and Bradley seemed like it was too good to be true. Dom must have been really scared to lose allies because of Bradley’s behavior, but that’s surprising because many great players in the past know how to manage their allies to put up with a goat. Or maybe he feared Brad was too intelligent to be taken further.

I am curious what Bradley’s level of self-awareness is when he watches the episodes back from home. It seems like production made him out to be worse than he actually was, and he made several statements that he is aware how he comes off to other people. I feel it is just one of those storylines production needed for an audience to understand an unusual elimination.

Well, we merge next week. No point in analyzing what happens next since the dynamics are going to change big time. Thirteen people, four idols, a useless advantage, and multiple pre-merge swaps should make for a ridiculous episode.

Granted it could all just boil down to a simple Dom vs. Chris showdown that we’ve been waiting for to occur since day one. Hopefully, we get that storyline out of the way.

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