Survivor Exit Interviews | Latest Players Out from David vs. Goliath – 11/29/18

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Survivor: David vs. Goliath Exit Interviews – Episodes 10 & 11

Rob Cesternino is back with the eleventh and twelfth of our Survivor: David vs. Goliath exit interviews as Rob talks with the fourth and fifth members of the jury, Alec Merlino and Carl Boudreaux.

Rob talks with Alec about every attempt he made to stay, his near six hour immunity challenge battle with Christian, and how he felt about constantly flipping back-and-forth.

Rob then talks with his winner pick Carl about how comfortable he felt in the game, how he felt about successfully playing his idol nullifier, and how on earth he got completely blindsided at Tribal Council.

Then, Rob Cesternino invites Jordan Kalish back to the podcast to host the THIS WEEK IN SURVIVOR HISTORY QUIZ, where Rob takes on Survivor: Ghost Island‘s Jacob Derwin.

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