Survivor Double Exit Interview | Latest Players Out from David vs. Goliath – 10/18/18

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Survivor: David vs. Goliath Exit Interview – Episode 4

Rob Cesternino is back with the fourth and fifth of our Survivor: David vs. Goliath Exit Interviews as Rob first talks with the fourth player out of the game Bi Nguyen, who decided to quit due to her MCL injury and then the fifth player out, Natalia Azoqa.

First, Rob and Bi discuss her time with the David tribe, her devastating injury, what made her decide to quit, and how she feels she would have done if she continued on.

Then, Rob and Natalia discuss the swap, her bossy attitude, her feelings on her new tribe now, and her blindside at Tribal Council.

Then, Rob Cesternino invites Jordan Kalish back to the podcast to host the THIS WEEK IN SURVIVOR HISTORY QUIZ, where Rob takes on RHAP patron and psychologist Amanda Rabinowitz.

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