Survivor: David vs Goliath

Survivor: David vs. Goliath — “I Vukked Up The Plan”

Logan Saunders recaps episode 4 of Survivor: David vs. Goliath ahead of episode 5.


Episode 4 Recap: “I Vukked Up The Plan”

Previously on Survivor: Despite winning the immunity challenge, the David tribe had another setback. The Goliath tribe was facing TC, and Natalie rubbed people the wrong way as much as Bi rubbed her knee against some of the obstacles during the last immunity challenge, but Angelina saw another target. At TC, Angelina got her way as the tribe voted unanimously against Jeremy, and protected herself from any potential post-game slander about her marriage on Twitter.

Seventeen are left; who will be voted out tonight?


DAY 10


Bi’s knee is heavily wrapped. I guess Bi doesn’t stand for Bipedal.

Everyone on the David tribe is shocked to see Goliaths had voted out Jeremy.

Probst asks Bi about her knee and how it has been a tough ten days.

BI: I actually have to make a really sad announcement. I sprained my MCL yesterday and I am an athlete…I have made the decision to leave the game.

PROBST: Is it crazy when we do a season that is called Davids vs. Goliathsit’s the Davids who have somebody evacuated AND have somebody quit!

These are two freak accidents, man. It’s not gonna matter much when we switch after each tribe had gone to Tribal Council one.

Everyone correctly sympathizes with Bi’s exit. She is a freakin’ semi-professional MMA fighter. She needs that MCL to be taken care of ASAP.

Before we can settle in this theme like Australian Survivor did for a full nine episodes with Champions vs. Contenders…it’s time for an unnecessary swap!

Production must think both tribes are too boring to continue onwards (granted swapping by episode 3 or 4 is super common over the past half a dozen seasons).

The typical third buff is green. It is three tribes of five and Carl who is tribe-less who always provides great facial reactions.

Christian wants to be shown Slamtown.

Much like last season, Goliaths have the majority on all three compositions.









GREEN (TIVA) — Marijuana just got legalized here (in Canada) today. What an appropriate name for the tribe wearing green.
















Exile Island, the most inconsistent twist over the past fourteen years in Survivor, is randomly brought into play. He’ll probably find an idol or something. I dunno.

Tiva starts over on a new beach. Lyrsa still has her hands on her hips.



DAY 10

Alec is amazed by the chairs and hammocks in the old Davids hammock.

Elizabeth talks about her family. Kara talks about cheerleading. Alec didn’t get to talk about bartending.

We get repetitive confessionals from everyone about the Goliaths having the majority.

Davie talks about being a Black nerd driving a PT cruiser and rarely interacts with white people.

Elizabeth talks about being religious and conservative as she gets to know Kara and Angelina. Kara talks about competing as a saddle seat with horses. Saddle Seat is not a cheerleading move, surprisingly.

Natalia is nervous about Elizabeth and Kara having too much common and IS NOT IMPRESSED.

Natalia is upfront with Kara about how much she has in common with Elizabeth. Why you gotta bring this up, Natalia? It’s a small tribe of five. There ain’t no room to hide, girl.



DAY 10

Carl is a truck driver but has never been alone where we can’t pull over or call somebody on the phone.

Sure enough, there’s a clue for an advantage/idol. It is a blatant clue guiding to the coconuts that are about to be washed away by the tide. This is a new way of hiding an advantage. Many wash away, but luckily it was one of the coconuts within Carl’s reach.

Carl finds a twist previously introduced in Australian Survivor…it’s the IDOL NULLIFIER. Use it while voting at Tribal Council, and block somebody from using an idol at Tribal Council. Of course, this prompts a David vs. Goliath slingshot comparison because we’re still using this theme for some reason.



DAY 10

Mike thinks this tribe is the David of the Davids of the Davids. There’s Nick, Mike, Natalie, Lyrsa, and Angelina.

Natalie doesn’t want to bother with getting to know the Davids. She immediately directs everyone to their chores for the day. Huh. This could be a short game for her. A tribe of ten was one thing, but a minuscule tribe of five should be her strongest fear.

Nick has identified Natalie as the crack within Goliaths. He keeps bringing this up to Mike and Angelina. He forms an alliance with Mike. What’s the new alliance name?




Rockstars. New sound effect taken from Evel Dick’s library is introduced. Mike reveals Dan has the idol. We get awkward air guitar from the Rockstars.



DAY 10

Christian wants to stay outside of the Shaman’s machete-wielding radius. Dan coaches Christian how to chop bamboo at an angle.

CHRISTIAN: It’s time for Charm Nuclear Warfare…Charmpocalypse.

Here we go.

CHRISTIAN: Slamtown is populated by people you have slammed.

Well, that’s a helluva euphemism.

Gabby is amazed by Christian’s bond with his new #DudeBroz with John and Dan.

Gabby cries to Christian. Hugs ensue. Man, hopefully, Christian doesn’t take advantage of Gabby’s emotional vulnerabilities and takes her to Slamtown.

I can’t tell if Gabby is crying in her confessional or if that’s just the heavy downpour hitting her face. She is in a desperate position and assumes she will be gone instantaneously.



DAY 11

For the first time since Survivor: Nicaragua, we get through four episodes without a proper reward challenge or RI duel.

Natalia and Angelina smile at each other. Well, if Jeremy didn’t make their men at home worry yet, they certainly are. Just kidding.

For today’s challenge, one person will be a caller and sit on a driving wheel while two blindfolded members will push them through a series of obstacles collecting bags. These bags contain balls. The caller will guide the blindfolded tribe members to maneuver balls through a table maze.

The first tribe to finish wins reward–brownies, pastries, coffee, iced coffee.

The second tribe to finish walks away with just immunity.

The last tribe goes to TC and picks up Carl as a new tribemate.

This is a very small challenge build.


KARA – Caller

ALEC, DAVIE – First pair



NATALIE, NICK – First pair


GABBY – Caller


No one has a significant lead through the first two phases. Gabby’s guiding helps them pull away a bit. Kara gets through the second phase. Angelina keeps getting stuck right before the end of the second phase.

Gabby finishes the first three phases. Now she’s at the table maze.

CHRISTIAN, ALISON – Last pair for green.

Angelina guides the tribe in the wrong direction. She has to coach Natalie to remain calm.

Kara finishes the first three phases. Now she’s at the table maze.

ALEC, ELIZABETH – Last pair for orange.

Angelina’s guiding is a disaster as she keeps going backward and all over the damn place. Eventually, she completes the three phases.

MIKE, LYRSA – Last pair for purple.

Kara guides the balls into the pitfalls. There goes all of the progress.

Gabby successfully guides Tiva to immunity AND reward! The tribe name is Tiva too because I already forgot!

Purple is extremely close to sinking the ball into the end zone. In and out! Kara is inches away too. Purple keeps going in and out. Kara catches up. This must be nerve-wracking for everyone else to watch.

PURPLE/JABENI wins the second immunity! That’s as close as it gets in an immunity challenge.

Tiva and Jabeni have immunity. Vuku does not.









Kara says it is all about eliminating one of those two then inherit Carl. The greater incentive to eliminate a David is that they would have complete control going into day 12.



DAY 12

Elizabeth refuses to quit and gets her butt into gear. K.

Elizabeth summons Davie into the jungle to sprint into the jungle to look for an idol. They dig with machetes together even though Davie knows there ain’t no idol to find cause it’s in his pocket.

Davie hates the idea of using the idol. So he throws Elizabeth under the busor under the horse. He reveals her plans and her intention to target Natalia. Natalia and Kara immediately consent to eliminate Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has an aside with Nick. Resumes and all of that bullcrap is brought up. Alec, the guy who has had the least amount of airtime through three episodes for some mysterious reason that I definitely can’t figure out why has all of the power tonight.

Following the conversation, Elizabeth knows she has to write down Davie’s name.

Alec pitches to Natalia and Kara to eliminate Davie as the bigger threat. Natalia vetoes it. Alec is pissed that Natalia doesn’t allow input from others.

ALEC: I get the feeling Natalia doesn’t really trust meit’s tough.

Natalia wants Davie to swear his allegiance before slapping Alec’s ass in the shelter and ordering both to shut up.

Alec tells Kara and Davie that Natalia’s bullying is unnecessary and is uber pissed.

Davie sequesters Alec into the hammock with him. You trust these girls, man? Do ya? Do ya? Make a big move.

Alec makes a surfing analogy rather than a David vs. Goliath analogy, thankfully. He claims he will not make his decision until Tribal Council. I don’t quite believe him. You can’t spare a David when you know they’ll have the majority the second Carl hits the beach. You have to wait for a minimum of one round.








Elizabeth talks about defecation. Davie brings up Elizabeth has a good story if she makes it to Final Tribal Council. Twenty-eight days man. That’s a bit extreme.

Natalia wants to go down guns a blazing. Is that a word? Probably not.

Big moves. Big moves. Big moves.

ELIZABETH: Tonight will be a huge determining factor as to who will make it to that Final Tribal Council.

There are sixteen people left! That was how big the cast would be in the first seven seasons!

Alec whispers into Elizabeth’s ear all of a sudden. Maybe he is telling her about his bartending background or coaching her how to surf.

NATALIA: I don’t like that at all.

ALEC: Just making sure everyone is on the same page.

NATALIA: No. I want to know what happened.

KARA: I think it’s a little uneasy–

NATALIA: We had a Plan and that has nothing to do with The Plan. I am not a fan of what happened right now.


KARA: It’s the same thing, right?

Alec whispers to Kara. Telephone progresses as Kara and Natalia trade whispering.

KARA: I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

NATALIA: Are you voting me out?

KARA: No! No freaking way!

NATALIA (to ALEC): Are you voting me out?

KARA: You’re being paranoid. It’s the same thing. You know what he’s voting.


NATALIA: Let’s go.

PROBST: You’re up.

(Big eye roll.)


NATALIA: I don’t trust youno idea what happened.

I mean…a David still has to go, right? I assume Alec and Natalia both can’t target each other yet.

Davie doesn’t play his idol. That’s ballsy, sir.









See. Business as usual.


OK, could be Davie’s vote.







Oh my.





Kara’s jaw drops. So did mine. Kara looks a lot like Baylor right now.

NATALIA: I knew it. I knew I couldn’t trust you.

ALEC: Sorry.

NATALIA: Don’t be sorry. Shut up…Where do I put this?

That’s what she said.

NATALIA: Did you know?

KARA: Me? No.

(ALEC smiles like ERINN LOBDELL.)

NATALIA: Why you smiling? Oh my god. I can’t handle you right now.

ALEC: It’s a game.

Natalia walks off and kicks a rock in the jungle.

Carl puts on his cowboy hat and joins the other on the walk back to camp. He doesn’t even have his torch. Just a casual stroll.

There’s nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to hide. The storm is coming.

Natalia wishes she went with her gut about Alec and make a big move. She feels she played a stupid game tonight.


I need to note the following: Natalia did not play a stupid game. She assumed Alec would play logically. He did not. Even with Natalia gone, Kara’s charm with Davie and Elizabeth pretty much ensures that any favors Alec did for the Davids in this vote are not going to be reciprocated if they lose the next immunity challenge. The Davids have absolutely no use for him as they now have the majority on the tribe.

Do you know how Alec would have had much more power? Get rid of Elizabeth tonight then use Davie and Carl to blindside either Natalia or Kara at the NEXT vote and have everyone at his mercy heading into the merge.

Alec used his powers far too early, and essentially held up a giant banner to those on both tribes HEY Y’ALL, I CANNOT BE TRUSTED AND JUST WANT TO MAKE BIG MOVEZ SO YOU’LL NEVER EXPECT ME TO KEEP TO ANY SORT OF LOYALTY.

And good luck trying to be more charming than Kara within a small tribe. That’s a helluva uphill battle he just made for himself. He put himself in the worst position on the tribe.


So what are we looking at for the other two tribes? I think John, Dan, and Alison would eliminate Christian if they go to Tribal Council rather than Gabby since Christian is more threatening going into a merge. They’re not dumb people. However, the tribe is so stacked that we’ll probably never see them at Tribal Council until we have another tribe swap ten minutes from now.


Jabeni is going after Lyrsa? It doesn’t seem like Lyrsa makes strong personal connections with people on Survivor. Everyone else appears to be bonding. I think Natalie’s value keeps increasing as we head closer and closer to those massive thirteen person contemporary merges. Her weaknesses are quickly becoming assets as we’re already down to fifteen people.


Oh, and I doubt we get a Tribal Council next week. This storm is being hyped up as a real doozy. Somebody is being evacuated or throws in the towel, right? I give it a 50/50 shot that we lose somebody for reasons other than Tribal Council for the third time in just five episodes.


I no longer have to worry about figuring out which person is Natalia and which person is Angelina anymore. Hooray! <3

P.S. NO.OPENING. CREDITS. AT. ALL. Da hell, guys.

P.P.S. We’ve had a quitter and a medical evacuation in four episodes and somehow Mike White has dodged both scenarios. This season is officially rigged.

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