Know-It-Alls Recap a Wild Survivor Caramoan Tribal Council

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As recapped by @RHAPrecapper

The Know-it-Alls have a lot to cover after a dramatic and exciting episode that exemplified exactly why Rob LOVES Survivor. Rob was absolutely stunned that Phillip Sheppard was voted out. He was sure he was going to end up in the Final 3, and wonders if it means the end of Stealth-R-Us.

First, Stephen and Rob discuss the 3 Amigos alliance of Reynold Toepfer, Malcolm Freberg and Eddie Fox. Stephen is excited to fill his People blog with “Three Amigos” movie references. Rob was also worried that Malcolm was bluffing and wasn’t going to play the idol. Fortunately, Malcolm was just being a showman and does play the idol, because the Stealth-R-Us members decide to call the bros’ bluff. As a result, Phillip paid the price.

Rob thinks Phillip should have made the call for everyone to vote out Sherri, but Stephen points out that then Eddie and Malcolm would have hung on to the idols. Stephen thinks the Three Amigos went wrong, however. Why not reveal their idols back at camp to a select few, to use their immunity as leverage? Rob, however, thinks some of the brilliance of the 3 Amigos’ move lies in the sneak attack. Rob and Stephen disagree about whether this move will be a game-changer. Stephen says the 3 Amigos also should not have said they were voting for Phillip. They could have hung on to their idols in that case, as Stealth-R-Us would have been forced to select who they would sacrifice. Rob says Stephen is being “too cute,” and that there’s no scenario where the guys shouldn’t play the idol.

Stephen and Rob also disagree about Erik Reichenbach’s allegiance. Rob thinks Erik is back in the brolliance; Stephen thinks Erik will be more solid with Stealth-R-Us now that Phillip is out of the picture. The Know it Alls discuss where the 3 Amigos should go from here. Rob thinks the history of a “big move” in Survivor leads people to scatter to different alliances. Stephen points out that Phillip was not the glue holding people together; he was a thorn in people’s sides.
Rob and Stephen also discuss Dawn Meehan’s erratic behavior in this episode. She wanted to quit because she couldn’t find her retainer, and then she felt Andrea Boehlke had joined up with the brolliance and wanted to vote her out. The also discuss the Survivor karma of Phillip not competing in the Immunity Challenge and then gets voted out.

Then a Third Amigo joins the Survivor Know-it-Alls: Brian Corridan from Survivor: Guatemala, making history as the first Guatemala contestant on Rob Has a Podcast. Brian breaks the tie by siding with Stephen’s point of view, feeling that Malcolm’s double-idol play was not that great of a move.
Rob feels Stephen and Brian are really harsh critics, and thinks this was Malcolm’s finest hour. Rob is even ready to move Malcolm into the top 10 Survivor players of all time. Stephen thinks they have to wait for the season to play out. Rob says Malcolm hits all 3 crucial elements of a great player: social, strategic, and a physical threat. Stephen says we’ve never really seen Malcolm lead a majority alliance.

This episode was billed as the greatest tribal council of all time, but the Know-it-Alls and Brian list several others that would top it, including two from Heroes vs. Villains. The part Rob loved was having to see the Favorites scramble and whisper their new plans while at tribal council.

Stephen accuses of Rob being paid to be a Phillip booster, as Rob suggests that he thinks the season may not be as good without Phillip. Rob wishes he could have Phillip’s game, where everyone wants to keep him around. Stephen and Brian feel the season will be better with the other players getting more airtime. Rob thinks Phillip doesn’t deserve all the complaints he’s been getting. He thinks the complaints about Phillip’s airtime should be directed at the editors, not Phillip.
Next, they take viewer questions. They discuss whether Erik is in the best position, Brenda’s play for Andrea during tribal council, Eddie’s immunity challenge blunder, Eddie’s wolf-man beard, and who in Stealth-R-Us gains the most from Phillip getting voted out.

Tune in to Rob’s upcoming exit interview with Phillip Sheppard and a full-length podcast breaking down this episode with Survivor South Pacific winner Sophie Clarke.

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