The Survivor Know-It-Alls Break Down a Double Elimination

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Listen to the Podcast:

Rob and Stephen thought it was another exciting episode of Survivor this week, with two eliminations: one predictable and one blindside. Rob and Stephen did not see Andrea’s elimination coming, and they think maybe Andrea Boehlke was addicted to orchestrating blindsides, which ultimately led to her getting blindsided herself. Rob thinks Andrea was playing the B.R. rules, trying to keep Eddie Fox as her Natalie Tennerelli.

Rob was surprised that Andrea was so quick to turn on Brenda Lowe after the long immunity challenge, but Stephen wasn’t. He points out that Andrea was quick to turn on Corinne Kaplan as well, and that she wants to target the other young, cute flirty girls. Rob and Stephen then speculate about what Andrea’s plan may have been if she succeeded in getting out Brenda. Dawn seemed to be her next target.

Then they discuss Andrea’s relationship with Cochran. Both Stephen an Rob feel that Cochran made the right decision. They also discuss Erik Reichenbach winning the immunity necklace and whether or not he has strategy and was throwing challenges previously. Stephen thinks Erik is playing the Sandra strategy.

Next, Stephen has strong opinions about Erik finding the hidden immunity idol. He feels Andrea clearly grabbed it out of his hands, which is theft. He points out a similar instance in his season of Tocantins, when Taj grabbed Stephen’s idol and Production informed him that it still was legally his idol. Rob thinks the hidden idol rules are more flexible. Stephen thinks the way Andrea grabbed the idol shows her to be aggressive and was poor gameplay. Rob didn’t think it was as big of a deal as Stephen did.

Then they discuss the “New Adventures of Old Brenda.” Rob is happy to see her back in the game, showing signs again of being a player. However, Rob thinks the decision to take out Andrea was primarily Cochran’s decision. Stephen was impressed by Cochran’s even-keeled answer at tribal council when Jeff Probst asked about Andrea’s idol. Rob was impressed by Malcolm Freberg’s animated jury reactions as well.

The Know-it-Alls also cover whether Brenda can make a run to the end. They also debate whether Dawn seriously consider getting rid of Brenda. They go through the Power Rankings of the remaining players, and Rob and Stephen get in a heated debate about Eddie’s chances to win.

They also talk about Reynold’s valiant effort in the immunity challenge, and the players who gave up in the challenge for food. Eddie never should have jumped off for a donut. Rob was sad to see Reynold Toepfer go, and Stephen would love to see him play again– he thought he was the standout character from the fans. Rob also wants to know why Dawn Meehan said that Reynold was hurting her brain. Rob thinks that Cochran 2.0 may be so successful because he doesn’t have tribemates like Ozzy telling him he sucks at challenges.

They wrap up with some viewer questions and Rob announces that his podcast this week will be with Richard Hatch and he’ll also be appearing on the CBS Survivor After Show this week with Parvati Shallow. Rob also asks Stephen about going to high school with Jason Collins, and Stephen reveals that Cochran will be getting the Fishy this week (although he considered Reichenbach for the honor).

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