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On this week’s episode of Survivor Caramoan, the fans tribe lost two of their members in one night. Shamar Thomas had to be medically removed from the game after getting sand in his cornea. Meanwhile, Laura Alexander would leave the game in a much more traditional way as she was voted of the Gota tribe.

With Shamar, Rob wants to know if Shamar wanted to stay in the game even if he did not get the injury to his eye during the game. Rob asks Shamar if there’s anything that they tried to do fix his cornea issue from medical on the beach. Shamar also discusses his relationship with Eddie and Reynold which was very volatile during the game. Plus, what does Shamar think about Sherri referring to him as “her Phillip Sheppard” during the game.

Turning to Laura, Rob asks Laura why the tide shifted against her this week. Of the players left in the game, Laura tells us who she feels like were responsible with the decision to take her out of the game at this point. Rob asks Laura about last week’s vote where she told Reynold that she was on board with his plan before then voting with the rest of the tribe to vote out Hope Driskill last week.

Finally, Shamar and Laura tell us who was the player on the fans tribe that was pulling the string during the course of the game, or as long as they were there.

Join us later on today when we do our full Survivor recap show with a veteran of Survivor South Pacific, Jim Rice to tell us about playing with John Cochran, Dawn Meehan and Brandon Hantz.

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