Oh Snow You Didn’t: Survivor Exit Interview with Michael Snow

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Michael Snow was Nicole Cesternino’s pre-season pick to win Survivor Caramoan, but instead he blindsided by the Favorites in a shocking tribal council this week. Mike Snow joins Rob Cesternino to talk about his game in his Rob Has a Podcast exit interview.

Michael tells Rob that he enjoys the podcast and Rob references Michael’s pre-season bio where Michael said he was a combination of Rob and Cirie Fields. Rob asks Michael just how much he knew about how we got voted out before seeing the episode. Michael said he felt like he knew most of what happened with the exception of the conversation between Eddie and Andrea.

Rob asks Michael if Malcolm Freberg realized before tribal council that he could be on the chopping block but Michael said he didn’t know because Reynold was actually the one that was in communication with Malcolm. While Michael said that Reynold was offering to share his idol with other players in the game, Michael didn’t believe that Reynold and Malcolm planned out the “idol toss” before tribal council.

Rob wonders if Phillip was trying to flush the idol by pushing that they would be voting for a player with the idol and Michael thinks that it’s possible and gives Phillip Sheppard some credit for his game.

Turning back to pre-swap, Rob wants to know if Michael thinks the fans should have worked together with Eddie and Reynold instead of going with Shamar and Michael says that just wasn’t a possibility to get those personalities on the same page. Michael was also not offended being called “the gay” be Corinne Kaplan because he has such affection for Corinne and knows that she is a real advocate of gay people.

For more on this week’s wild episode of Survivor, Join us for our full recap podcast to be posted later today.

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